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April 19, 2016


Andreas Raelert kicked off his season with a solid podium on a tough course at the Cannes International Triathlon last Sunday. Andy was riding the new HADRON Ultimate 800+ aero wheels and the Swiss Side co-developed Cube Kona bike.
Andy was able to confirm his good training preparation in Cannes, placing third place behind the strong Frenchman Etienne Diemunsch and defending champion Giulio Molinari from Italy. Andy had a total time of 3:31:52 hours after the 2km swim course, a very challenging 80km bike course with the concluding 16km run. He crossed the finish line after a thrilling race just behind Etienne Diemunsch, who won the race in 3:30:08 hours, and Molinari, 3:30:37 hours.
«My first race of the year has been a very demanding competition», said Andreas Raelert after his finish. «I am very satisfied with this first real hard test under race conditions.»

Andreas Raelert competing with the new HADRON Ultimate 800+ wheel set on the Swiss Side co-developed Cube Kona bike.
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He crossed the finish line after a thrilling race just behind Etienne Diemunsch, who won the race in 3:30:08 hours, and Molinari, 3:30:37 hours.


Swiss Side Technical Director Jean-Paul Ballard recently gave an aerodynamics workshop to triathletes from Tempo Sport, our retail partner in Zürich, Switzerland. Did you know that slower, hobby athletes benefit even more from aerodynamics than professional athletes, despite having slower speeds?
In this workshop, Jean-Paul explains the details behind Swiss Side’s Formula 1 derived aerodynamic development methods and the secrets behind improving your aerodynamic setup for increasing speed and reducing your time on the bike!
“The proof is in the pudding!” says Jean-Paul, “The 10 minute time saving we achieved through optimising Andreas Raelert’s aerodynamic setup for the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2015 is that proof.” The aerodynamic optimisation steps behind Andy’s 2015 Kona package are revealed in the presentation.
Interested? Contact us to arrange for us to present this unique aerodynamics workshop at your cycling club, triathlon club or your local retailer!

Jean-Paul Ballard presenting the aerodynamics workshop at Tempo Sport.


Following comprehensive prototype wheel testing both in test rigs as well as out on the road, the final production specification HADRON Ultimate full carbon wheels were pushed to their limits during recent brake dyno testing. The results did not disappoint!

The brake testing dyno.

The HADRON Ultimate 485 in wet testing simulations.

There were two primary targets for the brake dyno testing:
1. To test the braking performance of the rims and their special high-temperature, high heat rejection carbon laminate used on the HADRON Ultimate braking surface. Tests were done in both dry and wet simulated conditions.
2. To perform extreme braking tests to ensure the resistance and stability of the carbon laminate well beyond the normal operating window, under the more than double the normal maximum braking loads ever seen on a wheel.

1. Brake performance testing

The brake performance of the rims proved excellent and comparable with the best carbon rims on the market. ISO standard testing was completed in both dry and wet conditions. This involved repeated braking events at increasing braking loads to evaluate the rim performance with building heat as load increases.
In dry conditions the wheels showed excellent performance without fading in the normal braking load range. Fading only appeared under extreme braking loads, above 90N force on the brake lever, which is above the loads a normal rider applies (typically maximum 70N). The braking performance showed to be superior to aluminium rims by approximately 14% in terms of maximum braking power.
In wet conditions the wheels performed well for carbon rims, again without any drop-off in braking performance in the normal braking load range, with brake lever force up to 70N. Note that in wet conditions, riders tend to use significantly lower force on the lever than this. Comparing with aluminium rims, the braking power in the wet for the same brake lever force is reduced by approximately 30% (compared to the dry). This is typical of all carbon rims regardless of the brand. Important to note nonetheless is that there is still sufficient braking power to provide maximum useable braking and to lock the wheels. The lower effective braking power (for the same brake lever force) in wet conditions is the braking compromise of carbon rims to aluminium rims.

Typical brake performance result graph.

2. Extreme brake testing

Extreme brake testing simulations were performed which represented more than double the braking load a wheel would even see in an extreme braking event with a heavier (100kg) rider. The target in this test is to pass three sequences of the extreme simulation without visible or measurable degradation on the rim. Not only did the rims pass three sequences, testing was continued and after five sequences, still no damage was observed and the testing was concluded. Big success!


The overall the braking performance and safety of the HADRON Ultimate wheels proved to be at the absolute highest level. The correlation to road testing and subjective rider feedback has been excellent. With this final step, the HADRON Ultimate production specification wheels have passed the final certification step.

HADRON Ultimate 625 road testing prototypes in test in the Swiss alps.

Andreas Raelert riding the HADRON Ultimate 800+ production wheels to the podium in the Cannes International Triathlon, 17.04.2016

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It’s official! All HADRON and HADRON Ultimate wheels models are now UCI approved. Following successfully passing the new 2016 UCI impact testing in March, the wheel models have now been officially published on the UCI approved equipment list for UCI racing.
UCI Approved Wheel List (pdf)
UCI Equipment Regulations

UCI Approved HADRON & HADRON Ultimate aero wheel models

Published on the official UCI approved wheel list
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March 6, 2016

Triathlon Convention Europe 2016 – Meeting place for triathletes

Nearly 3000 visitors joined this year’s «Triathlon Convention Europe». It took place in Langen, Germany from 26th to 28th of February. On an exhibition space of 1600 square meters, the top brands of the triathlon scene presented their innovations. Swiss Side was present with its own booth, a venture with Cube Bikes. We very much appreciated the dialogue with an interested public and enjoyed talking shop about aerodynamics and wheels. A major attraction was the original Kona-Bike with the HADRON Ultimate full carbon wheels, which Andreas Raelert was riding on his way to 2nd place at the Ironman-World Championship in Hawaii. The visitors took the opportunity to have a closer look at the famous bike, which was aerodynamically optimised by Swiss Side and Cube. The expo was enriched by numerous lectures and workshops. The speakers included Jean-Paul Ballard, Technical Director of Swiss Side, speaking about «Aerodynamics – the F1 factor in triathlon».


February 25, 2016

Swiss Side sponsors further top athletes

Swiss Side, No.1 in Aerodynamics, has expanded it’s pro-rider program and has sponsored two further top level athletes in to join the current team which includes Andy and Michael Raelert (D) as well as multiple Ironman winner Britta Martin (NZ).
World class the athlete Julia Gajer (33) from Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei, 2nd place in the 2015 Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt and 6th in the Kona World Ironman Championships in 2014, as well as the Ironman Switzerland winner Mathias Hecht (35) are now riding with the world’s fastest HADRON aero wheels from Swiss Side «These two top athletes will provide a wealth of experience and inputs for our development team, for further Swiss Side wheel and aerodynamic development projects. We will be undertaking a complete aerodynamic optimisation in the wind tunnel with Julia and Mathias, giving them access to our unmatched aerodynamic development know-how. We will thereby be able to significantly improve their bike splits, measurable in minutes», says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side Technical Director.
Andy Raelert demonstrated the power and importance of aerodynamic development at the 2015 Kona Ironman World Championships. With overhauled aerodynamics, including optimised rider setup and a complete new aerodynamic time trial bike developed by Swiss Side for Cube, Andy’s time savings amounted to 10 MINUTES, helping propel him to a show-stopping 2nd place.

Julia Gajers Target: Kona-Podium
Julia Gajer, who this year moved to Austria, is also looking forward to making similar large steps to Andy, together with the support of the Swiss wheel brand with over 50 years of Formula 1 experience in their technical team. «Swiss Side is the epitome of aerodynamic expertise. I am more than excited to be able to take advantage of Swiss Side’s Formula 1 know-how. With such a strong partner, I’m very confident to be able to make the big step to the Kona podium.»

Mathias Hecht, athlete and trainer
Mathias Hecht, is targeting an Ironman comeback following an injury imposed break from the sport last season. Mathias has also established himself as a top level trainer: «In the 23 years I’ve been competing in triathlon, I have extensive experience with equipment. In a sport, where one trains so hard for every second, aerodynamics is becoming ever more important. This partnership with Swiss Side will not only be a huge benefit for me personally as an athlete, however also for all the athletes I support at «Hecht Endurance Coaching». Together with Swiss Side, I’m also looking forward to proving the performance of Swiss Side’s unique wheels at the absolute top level.»
Everyone at Swiss Side is also very excited with these new reinforcements to pro-team and wishes all their atheletes a strong and FAST season.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information!

January 31, 2016

Attention Swiss Side Follower – 20% Pre-Season-Sale!

At Swiss Side we appreciate the loyalty of our followers and friends. We know many of you are ambitious athletes and we are glad to receive your comments and feedback. Swiss Side, No.1 in Aerodynamics, is constantly working with a clear target to make triathletes and cyclists faster and to save energy. We are leading the way in revolutionising the cycling industry with our unmatched methods directly from Formula 1. Your additional feedback and inputs also help us achieve these goals.
For this reason we would like to thank our Swiss Side Followers with a Pre-Season Sale discount, 20% off standard HADRON aero wheels and aluminium wheel models! The TOUR test winner HADRON is proven to be one of the world’s leading aerodynamic wheel sets. Also, as many of you are preparing for the season in training camps, the Swiss Side padded travel wheel bags are also discounted as part of the sale. But be quick, because this Follower Pre-Season Sale is for two weeks only, starting February 1st. The new patented full carbon HADRON Ultimates, which are available early April, are not included in this Pre-Season Sale.

December 12, 2015

HADRON Ultimate Launch!


HADRON Ultimate: Lower drag, lighter, stiffer, ceramic bearings and tubeless ready! Also in disc brake versions. The full carbon HADRON Ultimate makes a further step in speed on the already widely acclaimed and award winning original HADRON aero wheels. Ultimate aerodynamics coupled with ultimate stiffness to weight characteristics with ceramic bearings as standard make the HADRON Ultimate the fastest and best engineered wheels on the market.


Already tried and tested, the HADRON Ultimate 800+ helped propel Andreas Raelert to upstage the world favourites to a show-stopping 2nd place at the 2015 Kona Ironman World Championships!

Building on the already ultra low wind sensitivity characteristics of the HADRON rim shapes, drag has been further reduced by optimising the tyre interface and with a lower spoke count thanks to the new full carbon construction. Coupled with ceramic bearings as standard, the HADRON Ultimates offer absolute minimum resistance for maximum speed.

The HADRON Ultimates are the first of their kind employing Swiss Side’s newly patented hybrid carbon-carbon construction (instead of carbon-aluminium). This further Formula 1 derived engineering revolution allows for unparalleled structural optimisation of the rim with perfect tuning of the vertical and lateral stiffnesses, independent from the aerodynamic form. This gives perfect power transfer without a loss in comfort and grip.
SPECIFICATIONS: (click image to enlarge)

WHEEL MAPPING: (click image to enlarge)

TIME SAVINGS: (click image to enlarge)






«Aerodynamics by Swiss Side» with the team’s 50 years experience from Formula 1 applied to the development process:
– Real world performance data collected using Swiss Side’s unique «Instrumented Bike» was used for optimizing the wheel design during the development phase based on the rider’s reaction out on the road.
– CFD developed HADRON low wind sensitivity profiles with aerodynamically optimised tyre interface for lower base drag levels for maximum speed.
– Extensively wind tunnel tested and proven aerodynamic performance.
– The Ultimate in Formula 1 structural optimisation was used for the HADRON Ultimate rim development. Extensive composite materials testing and characterisation was performed, coupled with the latest in composite Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods, to produce not only the most structurally efficient and stiffness optimized design, but also a highly durable rim structure.

Instrumented Bike with Andreas Raelert

CFD Simulations at 6° yaw. –HADRON Ultimate, Andreas Raelert, 2015 Kona Aero Package

HADRON Ultimate 800+ in wind tunnel testing phase

Composite materials testing and characterisation for FEM process

Composite FEA modeling

Composite FEA modeling: Hybrid Carbon – Carbon construction

Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side Technical Director, Testing HADRON Ultimate 625



October 16, 2015

SWISS SIDE makes the difference

For the fifth time – after 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – the world record holder Andy Raelert (39) reached the podium at the Ironman World Championships 2015 in Hawaii. The Vice World Champion from Rostock (Germany) reveals the secret of his unexpected success.
Andy Raelert, many people were suprised by your fantastic second place at the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2015. How about you?
ANDREAS RAELERT: I was not surprised! I had to struggle with some injuries in the preparation, but the results in training were very promising. To be able to reach my potential in Hawaii, the Ironman World Championships, was a very big hurdle. To cross this hurdle is a great merit to the team that stands behind me and believes in me! I would like to especially thank the whole team at SWISS SIDE!

How important was the aerodynamic optimization of your rider-bike-system by the aero-experts at SWISS SIDE for this success?
The vigorous and self-sacrificing work by the SWISS SIDE team to refine the package down to the smallest detail, not only enabled me to have the best possible aerodynamic setup, but mentally strengthened me to be able to perform at the highest level!

What has impressed you most in cooperation with SWISS SIDE and the intensive tests in the wind tunnel?
The passion for performance is incredibly impressive! This passion persisted through to the very end and the tireless testing to achieve results are unique in my eyes. The willingness to question all the details is innovative and makes the difference! SWISS SIDE has such a great know-how, and I’ve had only a small insight.

What are your experiences with SWISS-SIDE-aero-wheels?
The details are what make the difference! And SWISS SIDE makes the difference! It’s all about performance! When you talk about passion for development, the benchmark is SWISS SIDE!

In 2016 you want to be on top of the podium in Hawaii. What will be particularly important in the preparation? And what role will the aerodynamics play?
The big dream of my brother Michael, myself and the whole team Raelert Brothers is to see the name «Raelert» maybe sometime in the future on the list of Hawaii winners! Together with SWISS SIDE we will continue to work on this dream, our big goal!
More details about the development of Andy Raelert’s aero package for Kona.


October 5, 2015

THE ROAD TO KONA – The conception of Andreas Raelert’s secret weapon.

Just days ago, CUBE unveiled Andreas Raelerts Kona weapon, a new enhanced time trial bike frame, with aerodynamic optimization by Swiss Side. Now, with Swiss Side’s typical transparent approach, a rare look behind the scenes into the aerodynamic development process of Andy’s Kona aero package.
The Swiss Side aerodynamics team has been working closely with the Raelert Brothers since early this season, with one clear goal:
The absolute best possible aerodynamic performance for the 2015 Kona Ironman World Championship.
To achieve this target, Swiss Side let loose their entire arsenal of aerodynamic tools on Andreas Raelert. As always, a unique Formula 1 derived approach to the development was applied as follows:

1. Rider performance analysis for input to simulation.
2. CFD Study.
3. Competitor Analysis.
4. Equipment optimization.
5. Extensive wind tunnel testing to find the ULTIMATE package.

1. Rider performance analysis for input to simulation.
The way Andreas Raelert rides was analyzed in detail using data from him in competition, training, and importantly data obtained using Swiss Side’s Instrumented Bike. With this data, performance simulations could be made to see where the most time gains could be achieved and how best to optimize the aerodynamics of his complete bike and rider package.

Andreas Raelert on the Swiss Side Instrumented Bike

Typical data analysis of rider on Instrumented Bike
2. CFD Study.
The CFD data of Andreas Raelert with his setup on the Cube Aerium bike was analysed in detail to determine which areas could be improved to reduce the drag of both the bike and rider.

Lateral section showing low energy & separated flow regions.

Vertical section showing flow separations from cockpit.

Vertical section showing uncontrolled wake from rider leg and local flow separations in front brake – fork – frame region.
3. Competitor Analysis.
Competitor athletes and their equipment setups were evaluated. In conjunction Germany’s Triathlon Magazine (, Swiss Side wind tunnel tested leading competitor bikes in order to determine the aerodynamic benchmark to beat.

Cube Aerium Super HPC

New Canyon Speedmax CF prototype

Scott Plasma 5

4. Equipment optimization.
On the bike setup side, new parts were designed using CFD in order to improve the aerodynamic performance of the areas causing the biggest drag, and to improve the bike characteristics to better suit the rider.

New aerodynamics parts design for Cube Aerium Super HPC
On the rider side, the riding positions in which Andreas could competitively perform over the 180km Ironman distance were determined. In addition, a selection time trial suits, shoe covers and helmets were chosen for evaluation.

Andreas Raelert with two-piece no-arm triathlon suit

Andreas Raelert with one-piece short-arm triathlon suit
5. Extensive wind tunnel testing to find the ULTIMATE package.

In the final decisive step, an extensive wind tunnel testing session was done to evaluate all options and to find the ultimate aerodynamic package for Andreas. This included the evaluation of all newly designed aerodynamic parts, rider positions, apparel options and optimum race setup such as bottle positions.

Cube Aerium HPC with Kona package aero parts

Andreas Raelert with his optimized 2015 Kona aero package

Aero performance improvement of Cube Aerium HPC frame with Kona aero parts.
A significant step in aerodynamic performance was made on the Andreas’s current setup of his Cube Aerium Super HPC with the Kona aero parts. The base drag level was reduced by over 6% and further drag reduction of over 20% at higher yaw angles was achieved.
The Swiss Side aerodynamics team achieved their goal by making significant steps in aerodynamic performance on both bike and rider setups, ensuring that Andreas Raelert has the ultimate possible package for Kona. This will offer him a very important performance boost in his bid to take home the ultimate prize as winner of the Ironman World Championships.
In collaboration with Swiss Side, Cube has pushed to produce new optimized time trial frames which will be ridden by Andreas Raelert in Kona and by Michael Raelert for the rest of his 2015 campaign.
Follow all the action in Kona on October 10th, 2015!

Race ready Cube time trial frame with Swiss Side engineered aerodynamic improvements.

More info on the new Cube Time Trial Bike: