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September 14, 2016

End of season SALE! Up to 40% off!


For a limited time only, get up to 40% off Swiss Side’s award winning wheels in our end of season sale! Look over the dozens of solid product reviews here:
They include the Hadron 800+ winning a highly coveted TOUR Magazin aero wheel test, the Hadron 625 winning the ProCycling Aero wheel test and the Hadron 485 with the Tri2b 10/10 score on price to performance.
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Eurobike Wind Tunnel Battle Recap:

For the 3rd year in a row, Swiss Side hosted its annual wind tunnel battle event at the GST wind tunnel in Immendtaad, Germany, just a few minutes from the Eurobike show. The week began with a 12hour marathon wind tunnel session with Andreas Raelert, finalizing his setup for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on 8th October. The following days saw Swiss Side hosting the leading European and International press, where each group was invited to measure anything they wanted in the wind tunnel, thereby taking advantage of the Swiss Side team’s unmatched aerodynamic know-how. There were some very eye opening testing done, including naturally battles between Swiss Side aero wheels and their competitors (no surprises here) but also lots of equipment testing such as helmets, jerseys, drinks systems, as well as riding positions analysis. The most surprising results were that loose straps on the helmet can cost you around 4.5W! Also the difference between riding a road bike holding onto the centre of the handle bars, compared to being in a low aero position on the lower drops, is just over 100W difference in aero drag!
Thanks to all the media groups who joined including Bike Radar, Triathlon Magazine, ProCycling, Rennrad, Tri2B, TriTime,


September 10, 2016

‘Aerodynamics by Swiss Side’ reaches the market with the CUBE Aerium C:68


The top level time trial bike of 2015 Ironman World Championship runner-up, Andreas Raelert, developed together with the aerodynamic experts from Swiss Side, will be in stores from December 2016.
As part of the 2015 Kona Ironman development campaign, the Swiss Side team had the opportunity not only to develop the world’s fastest aero wheels but also to undertake a detailed optimisation of the complete bike and rider package for maximum performance.
With over 50 years of Formula 1 experience, Swiss Side’s engineering team is No.1 in aerodynamics, bringing the latest technologies to cycling R&D. The CUBE Aerium C:68 Hadron was developed with the identical development methods used in F1.
Andreas Raelert rode this resultant time trial bike with the new HADRON Ultimate 800+ aero wheels, to a sensational 2nd place in last year’s Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. The significant aerodynamic drag improvements on the complete bike and rider system saved Andreas an astounding 10 minutes over the 180km bike course.
“These ground breaking new technologies and development methods have captured the public’s fascination“, says Marko Haas from Cube. “The end consumer now has the opportunity to benefit from the performance of the CUBE Aerium C:68 time trial bike themselves.
“CUBE’s decision to bring this bike to the market brings with it the well-deserved credit to the Swiss Side aerodynamics team for their passionate work “, says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side technical director. “We are proud that not only Andreas Raelert but also a wider audience of athletes will benefit from our pioneering technology drive.”
Swiss Side is revolutionising the cycling industry with the ultimate in aerodynamic products, not only with their own aero wheels but also through ‘Aerodynamics by Swiss Side’ collaboration projects with key partners.

August 22, 2016

Andreas Raelert sets bike course record in Copenhagen


Seventh place in his comeback race in Denmark – Rostockian leads the Ironman Copenhagen for long and validates his Kona slot – Focus is on Hawaii now
Rostock. Andreas Raelert made his way back into racing with a good performance at the KMD Ironman Copenhagen. After being one of the main protagonists of the race, the Rostockian eventually finished after 8:29:39 hours in seventh place. Swedish Patrik Nilsson celebrated an impressive win in 7:49:18 hours ahead of British Will Clarke (7:59:31 hours) and Brazilian Fabio Carvalho, who finished the race in 8:07:10 hours. “Overall, I can be satisfied with my first race after I had a long break from competition”, Andreas Raelert said after the race in the Danish capital, “especially the swim and the bike felt really good today.”
In the Amager Beach Park, Andreas Raelert already had a good start into the race on the 3.8 kilometer long swim course. He reached the first transition zone in 47:42 minutes, only the Brazilian Igor Amorelli was quicker in 47:38 minutes. “My swim was good,” Andreas Raelert said, “but I needed some more time in transition.” After having solved small issues with his helmet visor, the Rostockian embarked onto a strong bike leg. After about 50 kilometers, he took the lead and became one of the main pacers of the race. In 4:13:57 hours, Andreas Raelert finally set a bike course record although he had to stop for a short restroom break at kilometer 130. “On the bike, it went really well,” Andreas Raelert said, “the atmosphere was great and the course was good. This has been really fun.” After a race time of 5:04:19 hours, Andreas Raelert reached transition three seconds ahead of Swedish Patrik Nilsson, the Brazilian Fabio Carvalho followed almost a minute later in third place.
Andreas Raelert started into the marathon in third place after another restroom stop due to some persistent stomach problems. “The pace was good until the half marathon mark,” he said later. Andreas Raelert moved into runner-up position quickly, and he started making up time on the leader Patrik Nilsson. In about 1:22 hours, Andreas Raelert ran the first half marathon being in second place.
On the second half of the marathon, Andreas Raelert then had to pay tribute to missing training kilometers in recent weeks. He crossed the finish line in 8:29:39 hours. “Of course, a victory would feel much better,” Andreas Raelert said, “but I’m still on the way back. For me it is important to be in race shape on October 8 in Hawaii and to make my way in training in the next few weeks. Today’s signs give me a lot of optimism. Today, Patrik Nilsson had a great race, it was really impressive.” The Rostockian was impressed by the Danish audience, too: “The people were amazing, the atmosphere was just great.” Andreas Raelert wants to make his way to Kona now based on this first competition after his long break due to his injury.
Source: Press Release Raelert Brothers August 21st 2016

August 18, 2016

HADRON aero wheel set AUCTION on Facebook!


Are you eyeing as set of new Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels? If so, then take part in our one-off HADRON wheel set auction on Facebook!
We are auctioning a standard HADRON aero wheel set (alu-carbon hybrid construction with standard bearings) over this weekend, 20th / 21st August 2016. This wheel set with a value of EUR 1368 will be sold to the highest bidder. The auction begins on Saturday 20th August at 07:00h central European time and ends on Sunday 21st August at 22:00h. The HADRON wheel set consists of a front and rear wheel. The successful highest bidder can choose their desired rim depths out the 485, 625 & 800+ models and is free to specific a mixed set (with different front and rear rim depths).
The auction will take place on our Facebook page ( We will post an image saying “Place your bid here“. Place your bid by commenting to that post. You are free to directly place your highest bid or otherwise bid above the current highest bid in minimum EUR 5 steps. The starting bid is EUR 95.
The highest bid on Sunday 21st August just before 22:00h will win the auction. However if a bid is placed in the last 3 minutes, the auction will be extended by 3 minutes. This process continues until no further bids are placed in the last 3 minutes. The time given on the Facebook page, on the “Place your bid here“ post where the auction will take place, will be taken as the official time.
Swiss Side will directly contact the successful highest bidder, to finalise the purchase details. All Swiss Side fans world wide are invited to the action. Shipping costs are included in the price for customers in the European region.
All details about these HADRON aero wheels under:
For any further questions please send us a direct personal message on Facebook.
Award winning wheels!
AUCTION - Aug-2016 - Image 4B-01
Our HADRON aero wheels have been developed with the latest aerodynamic methods directly from Formula 1 motorsport and have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by leading cycling publications world wide. The results are unanimous: Absolute top level performance aero wheels! Three examples of many:

• HADRON 800+ Tour Magazine Aero Test winner 08-2015
• HADRON 625 Pro Cycling Magazine Aero Test winner 08-2016
• HADRON 485 10/10 score for price-performance


August 5, 2016

Order your HADRON wheels now for a chance to win a free wind tunnel test!


Order your HADRON aero wheels at between August 1st – 23rd, 2016 for a chance to win a free wind tunnel test valued at EUR 1’400!
Here is how you enter:
1. Order your HADRON aero wheels online:
2. Take part in the raffle with sending an email including your order number, contact information and the remark “I want to win a free wind tunnel test” to (see details of the prize below)

Details of the prize
The winner will be invited on Saturday morning, September 3rd 2016, to the GST Airbus Defence & Space wind tunnel in Immenstaad (Germany). The two hour long analysis and optimization process will be done by our highly experienced aerodynamics team, in the same way that we work with our pro athletes such as Andreas Raelert and Julia Gajer. We will be focusing on testing the equipment, which matters the most for your aerodynamics on the bike, such as wheels, helmet, race suit and drink & food system.
Usually, savings well over 20W can be found resulting in time savings between 5 – 10 minutes of the 180km Ironman bike.
The wind tunnel test can only be offered on September 3rd 2016 in the morning at the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. The winner will be drawn on August 24th 2016 and notified by Swiss Side. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name in any publicity material.
Order your HADRON aero wheels now and get the chance to win a free wind tunnel test!

August 3, 2016

Swiss Side HADRON 625, Aero Test Winner in ProCycling

Big News! The Swiss Side HADRON 625 wheel set has won the aero test in this month’s (August edition) of Pro Cycling magazine. The 625 aero wheels won with the lowest drag measured in their track test, over a dozen other big brand models. Also specifically noted was the low cross-wind sensitivity in changing wind conditions, as well as smooth rolling and incredible sound of our wheels.
Following the successful test result, the editors of Pro Cycling interviewd our technical director Jean-Paul Ballard about the importance of aerodynamics in cycling and why aero wheels make such a big difference. Read all the details in this month’s mag!




July 28, 2016

Swiss Side on Expo at Ironman Zürich

Swiss Side was on show at our home event, the 2016 Zürich Ironman. Retail & service partner Tempo Sport, hosts the biggest exhibition tent at Zürich Ironman each year, inviting Swiss Side as their wheel partner to join the party! Technical Director Jean-Paul Ballard was on hand, presenting our latest HADRON Ultimate aero wheels as well as our unique Instrumented Bike and to answer all questions about aerodynamics in cycling. The Swiss Side booth was a huge magnet, attracting hundreds of visitors, together with countless Swiss Side customers stopping by to see the latest wheels and to pass on what was nothing less than 100% score card of rider satisfaction!
It was also great to see so many Swiss Side wheels on start in the short, olympic and Ironman distance triathlon events. Amongst our ambassadors and partners on start were Markus Ganser from Radsport Ganser, Swiss Side retail & service partner in Aachen Germany as well as Swiss Side ambassador Jan Peiniger from Fastest Swiss Side athlete of the weekend was Thomas Rusch placing 18th overall and 4th in Age Group in his first ever Ironman race!
It was a tough day for all the athletes with temperatures over 30C and the sun beating down across the course. In the men’s race, Ronnie Schildknecht took a sensational 9th win at Ironman Zürich, the 7th in succession, with Daniela Ryf once again unbeatable taking the women’s crown, her second Ironman win in two weeks!

Jean-Paul Ballard welcomes everybody at the Swiss Side booth

Lots of Swiss Side aero wheels waiting for their time to race


Thomas Rusch charging up Heartbreak Hill for the second time


July 26, 2016

Christian Otto takes 2nd place at the 33rd Leipzig Triathlon in Germany

The athletes in Leipzig did not only have to battle through the 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run but this time, also with temperatures pushing the mercury beyond 30C. Swiss Side pro-triathlete Christian Otto was first out of the water and battled strong in the bike and run legs, however on this occasion was unable to hold off german Per Bittner, who on this occasion took the win. In the women’s race, it was the local girl Anja Meichsner took the win at her home event. Overall, a fantastic event packed with enthused fans delivering a great atmosphere in Leipzig. Congratulations to all the athletes who took part.

Photo: Daniel Stefan

Photo: Daniel Stefan

Photo: Daniel Stefan

Photo: Daniel Stefan

July 8, 2016

Qualified for Kona? Get your Swiss Side Kona Aero Support Package!


We want to maximize your speed and real world performance in the biggest race of your life!

• Get free direct aero customer support and advice from Swiss Side aerodynamicist on how to best optimize your setup in the lead up to Kona.
• Get free ground support in Kona from our Swiss Side crew.
• Get a free double wheel bag for safe traveling.
• Join us for a pleasant BBQ in Kona with our partners Cube and Erdinger.
The requirement to get the Swiss Side Kona Aero Support Package is that you are an existing or new customer and using your Swiss Side aero wheels in Kona.
Order your Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels before the end of July and receive a free gear pack
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