Top 10 Reasons to Ride Swiss Side Wheels

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
March 06, 2020

Why aero wheels? To start, they make you faster with the same power input. For pros, this may be the difference between a victory and finishing 5th. Above all, slower riders get even more benefit from aero wheels as they experience more sailing effect and are on the road longer. Aero wheels are stiffer and roll better than non-aero wheels. And… they just look awesome, don’t they? Here are ten reasons why Swiss Side should be your choice for aero wheels.

1. Fastest Aero Wheels

Swiss Side offers real world performance on the road with wheels developed and tested in the wind tunnel and through CFD which are verified by CdA-meter and a pressure measurement rake. The results are proven with back to back Ironman world Championships and the fastest bike split in Kona.

2. Swiss Quality

Swiss Side wheels are designed in Switzerland and produced in collaboration with wheel engineering experts DT Swiss resulting in the highest quality and performance. This is why we started Swiss Side… a determination to stand for sophisticated top-level products.

3. Latest Aero Technologies From Formula 1

Swiss Side’s experienced Formula 1 engineers work with passion and unmatched know-how on new technologies such as CdA-meter and pressure measurement rake to revolutionize and inspire, cresting an unmatched #1 position in aerodynamics.

4. Designed by Swiss Side, Manufactured by DT Swiss

Swiss Side develop and design our wheels, from rim to hub, using highest quality custom built DT Swiss components. They are tubeless-ready, UCI approved and come with a worldwide service network and crash replacement program.

5. Stiff & Responsive

Swiss Side wheels provide excellent lateral stiffness for efficient power transfer and responsiveness and are ideal for heavier riders. The HADRON Classic offers a 15% stiffer option Ultimate. 

6. Maximum Sailing Effect & Forward Thrust

Swiss Side aero wheels are aerodynamically optimized to harness the wind, making you faster and saving energy. Deeper wheels can produce thrust like a sail boat with time savings are measured in minutes not seconds! These Rocket-like aero wheels propel the pro athletes and can be even more effective for slower amateur riders with higher crosswind angle effect leading to more sailing effect.

7. Crosswind Stability

With fast aero wheels, predictable handling in the wind is key to performance. Swiss Side wheels are optimized for front aerodynamic stability in crosswind and gusty conditions. Seventy five percent of drag is the rider. So, providing stable and predicable wheels allows longer position hold and the most benefit from the sailing effect.

8. Reliable Braking Performance

You can count on Swiss Side wheels when you need to brake in the mountains, wet or dry. As a Swiss brand based in the Swiss alps, the importance of good braking performance is a must-have.

9. Global Online Ordering: Simple, Fast & Secure  

Swiss Side wants you to get your fast wheels fast so we ship fast. We are shipping worldwide from Poland to EU customers within 2-3 days, to non-EU within 3-15 days. Our wheels as well as accessories and spare parts that go with them are available via secure and fully PCI DSS compliant online shopping. Secure payment through PayPal or with Credit Card.

10. Trusted & Established Brand

Swiss Side wheels are trusted by some of the top professional athletes including Patrick Lange, Daniela Ryf, Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei as well as, industry partnerships Canyon, Cube, and DT Swiss. We are proud to offer premium customer service and transparent, inclusive, authentic, accessible, price-point killer online-direct business model. Thousands of wheels delivered and happy customers worldwide.