2014 Eurobike Aero Wheel Battle

Swiss Side invites leading international cycling media to challenge the Hadron!
As detailed in the previous 14 Hadron Updates, Swiss Side’s goal has been to leave no doubt to the bold claims that the Hadron 625 wheel set is as good or better than ANY top level ‘big brand’ aero wheel set on the market but at less than half the cost price! As a part of this drive, we have strived for total transparency by publishing all the details and performance data of the Hadron 625 wheel set development.

However, we understand the importance to the market to have independent endorsement and confirmation of this performance. Therefore to coincide with this year’s 2014 Eurobike (the biggest cycling show in the world each year), we at Swiss Side rented the GST Wind Tunnel facility, only 15km from the show and over 3 days, invited the industries leading international cycling media each to their own independent 1 hour wind tunnel test session where they could test any wheel of their choice against the Hadron 625.

The media groups included: Tour Magazine, Triathlon Magazine, Roadbike Magazine, Road Cycling UK, Bicycles Network Australia, Bike Radar & Cycling Plus. The guests were free to define exactly what to test and were able to observe the live aerodynamic performance data (namely drag and side force) for themselves. All the raw data was provided for the guest to take away at the end of the session to ensure no doubt as to the validity of the results.

We will allow the media groups to release the data in their own independent reports. However, we can proudly say that the Hadron 625 performance proved once again to be at the very top of the leaderboard amongst the ‘big brand’ models including: Zipp 808 Firecrest, Zipp 404 Firecrest, Durace C75, Mavic CXR60 and others, but very importantly, the Hadron 625 costs less than half the price! Furthermore, every single guest was very impressed by the performance of the Hadron 625 and also by the Swiss Side brand concept. Numerous groups commented that they too believed that it must have been possible to produce a top level performance aero wheel set for low cost and they have been waiting for someone to finally do this… Welcome Swiss Side!

In addition to the aero wheel battle, we also continued further extensive aerodynamic development work on prototype wheel models including a Hadron 625 brake disc wheel, as well as a shallower and deeper Hadron aero wheel models in development for 2015.

Swiss Side pro-Ironman triathlete Britta Martin also was in the wind tunnel for some rider optimization and performance mapping as part of the preparation for her 2015 campaign. Finally aerodynamicist James Eddison also took to the wind tunnel for some general aerodynamics studies as a part of Swiss Side’s research and development program.

Click here to view a slideshow of the Swiss Side 2014 Eurobike Aero Wheel Battle.

Stay tuned here for further updates as the independent media publications go live.
We can already report that Tour Magazine will be featuring a 4 page article on the Hadron and the wind tunnel battle in the October edition!

As we have written this update, the first of the online publication has gone live from Bicycles Network Australia.
Click here to read their independent report.

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