The top level time trial bike of 2015 Ironman World Championship runner-up, Andreas Raelert, developed together with the aerodynamic experts from Swiss Side, will be in stores from December 2016.
As part of the 2015 Kona Ironman development campaign, the Swiss Side team had the opportunity not only to develop the world’s fastest aero wheels but also to undertake a detailed optimisation of the complete bike and rider package for maximum performance.
With over 50 years of Formula 1 experience, Swiss Side’s engineering team is No.1 in aerodynamics, bringing the latest technologies to cycling R&D. The CUBE Aerium C:68 Hadron was developed with the identical development methods used in F1.
Andreas Raelert rode this resultant time trial bike with the new HADRON Ultimate 800+ aero wheels, to a sensational 2nd place in last year’s Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. The significant aerodynamic drag improvements on the complete bike and rider system saved Andreas an astounding 10 minutes over the 180km bike course.
“These ground breaking new technologies and development methods have captured the public’s fascination“, says Marko Haas from Cube. “The end consumer now has the opportunity to benefit from the performance of the CUBE Aerium C:68 time trial bike themselves.
“CUBE’s decision to bring this bike to the market brings with it the well-deserved credit to the Swiss Side aerodynamics team for their passionate work “, says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side technical director. “We are proud that not only Andreas Raelert but also a wider audience of athletes will benefit from our pioneering technology drive.”
Swiss Side is revolutionising the cycling industry with the ultimate in aerodynamic products, not only with their own aero wheels but also through ‘Aerodynamics by Swiss Side’ collaboration projects with key partners.

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