Andi Dreitz celebrates victory at Ironman 70.3 Marbella

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 02, 2019

Thirst for action, good legs and some courage – a combination that nobody could face at yesterday’s Ironman race at the “costa del sol”

At 7:40 am the gun went off at Marbella’s harbor area. Andi had a good swim, and together with nine other athletes he exited the water only 45 seconds behind the top swimmer Alistair Brownlee, who took the lead.

On the bike, there was no way to hold Andi back. From the beginning his legs felt great and he knew that it could become a perfect day for him. The two leading guys first tried to keep up with Dreitz but at km 17, they had to accept that they couldn’t hold Andi’s pace any longer. After 90 kilometers and 1500 meters of altitude, Andi arrived in transition zone with an advantage of 6:24 minutes in front of his pursuers. Brownlee, the favorite for the title, who had some mechanical issues early at the bike ride was even 10:07 minutes behind Dreitz.

Due to the big advantage he worked for on the bike, Andi could run the final 21 kilometers in his own moderate pace. He finished the race after 3:56:48 hours and had the time to celebrate his victory and thank the crowd at the finish line. Alistair Brownlee (4:01:03 h) finished second in front of Domenico Passuello (4:03:40 h) from Italy.

The women’s race was dominated by team-mate Laura Phillip who defended her title.

Photo credit: @ironmaneurope