Andi Dreitz continues to rack up podium finishes.

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 16, 2019

With a good second half of the race and a huge iron will Andi took 3rd place at Ironman70.3 Pays d’Aix

It was during the swim already, that Andi realized that it’s gonna be a tough day for him. He couldn’t find his rhythm and lost 2:32 minutes to the leaders, when he started the bike course at thirteenth position.

Also during his favourite discipline, Andi had some troubles in the beginning. Instead of chasing the lead, the gap to the front group was increasing. „The days before the race I was feeling well again, but during the race there was a kind of fatigue that overwhelmed me. I couldn’t reach my normal power range, but tried to stay calm and just do my best”, Andi explains.

He continued racing and his legs started to feel better during the second part of the bike course. He could catch up some athletes and started the run part at 4th position. Andi Böcherer was in the lead at that moment, and not even Adam Bowden, who finished the race on second, could catch up on him anymore. Andi Dreitz meanwhile had a thrilling run battle with Arnoud Guilloux from France and Marcus Herbst, which was gained by Andi in the end.

Regardless to the difficulties during the race, Andi is very happy with his race result. He is celebrating his 3rd place, and shows again, that it’s worth to fight till the end.

In only a few days Andi will toe the line again: Challenge Heilbronn, 19th of May.

Next Sunday it’s race day again. In the German city Heilbronn, Andi will race against a strong and very big pro field. 50 male pro athletes have signed up for the half distance race, including some well-known names as Sebastian Kienle (world Champion from 2014), Maurice Clavel and Florian Angert.

Andi is returning to Heilbronn with good memories. In 2015 he finished the race at 3rd place and in 2014 he could even took the victory.


Photo Credit: @Activ‘images