Andreas Raelert has no luck at the Lanzarote debut

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 27, 2019

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Andreas Raelert could not reach his personal goals at the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, but he gained some positive impressions for the further season. The Rostockian had to pull out of the race shortly before the end of the bike course due to stomach cramps. "First of all, I'm disappointed today. Unfortunately, I could not show the performance I wanted to bring up on the course. The beginning was good, but I would have loved to bring this performance to the finish line." The tough race was won by the Frederik van Lierde from Belgium in 8:51:16 hours in front of the German Christian Kramer who finished in 8:56:08 hours and Emilio Aguayo Munoz (Spain) who crossed the line in 9:00:55 hours.

Andreas Raelert took over the lead in the water right from the beginning. Only the Spaniard Emilio Aguayo Munoz followed his pace, after the first of two swimming laps they already had opened up a little gap. Andreas Raelert came out of the water in 49:13 minutes after 3.8 kilometers, his Spanish pursuer followed into T1 a few seconds later while the first chase group including some favorites was more than a minute behind. On the bike, Andreas Raelert then started to put more time on his chasers and increased the distance significantly. Even if he had to make a short stop, he remained at the front of the field.

The conditions on the extremely demanding 180 kilometer long bike course became more and more difficult as the wind speed increased. After 60 kilometers, Frederik van Lierde caught up with Andreas Raelert, and the Rostockian set the pace on the way up to the highest point of the course together with the Ironman World Champion of 2013 and the Slovenian Jaroslav Kovacic. Andreas Raelert made the turn at kilometer 107 at the viewpoint Mirador del Rio after a long climb in first position. "At that moment, I was full of good spirit," he later said, "my performance was good, I was hoping to continue this."

On the way back to the transition zone in Puerto del Carmen, major problems occurred after about 130 kilometers. These issues eventually prevented Andreas Raelert from finishing the race. "I just did not feel well enough to continue the competition," he said. Due to stomach cramps he lost contact to the lead. "I tried to stay in the race for a few more kilometers," Andreas Raelert said, "but this was not possible." After 160 kilometers on the bike, he stopped the race.

"Today, I send my congratulations to Freddy van Lierde for a strong race," Andreas Raelert said, "even if the disappointment is huge, I’m looking forward to the upcoming duties. I’m absolutely confident that I’m on the right way.”


Photo: Lanzarote/James Mitchell