Andreas Raelert: Relay race in Frankfurt was a lot of fun

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
June 29, 2020

Swiss Side pro athlete Andreas Raelert experienced a fascinating “big day of sports” in Frankfurt on Sunday. Although this year’s Ironman Frankfurt could not take place in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, the German broadcasting corporation Hessischer Rundfunk presented various kinds of competitions and sports on that day. Besides other events, Andreas Raelert partnered up in a relay team with Patrick Lange and Anne Haug to race a triathlon over the middle distance. "It was a great experience to be part of that event," said Andreas Raelert after taking second place with the "Team Ironman". "It was an extraordinary day of sports during an extraordinary situation."

The “big day of sports” offered a huge variety from table tennis to beach volleyball, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of sports in general. “I think, the idea of ​​this event was just outstanding and very special”, said Andreas Raelert, “it was a great motivation for all viewers – and as well for us as participants. The pace was quite demanding today, but above all it was really entertaining.”

The live show on TV lasted more than five hours, and the relay triathlon race was the key story of that impressive day. Andreas Raelert started into the competition next to Jan Sibbersen and Sarah Köhler in the water. Jan Sibbersen competed with Max Levy on the bike and the two runners Nicole Leder and Daniela Bleymehl in the "Team Legends” while Sarah Köhler was part of the “Team Experts” besides Fabian Wegmann (bike) and Gesa Felicitas Krause (run). Andreas Raelert, Patrick Lange (bike) and runner Anne Haug performed as the "Team Ironman". After the swim start, an exciting relay competition unfolded, in which the “Team Experts” finally took the win only seconds in front of the “Team Ironman”. Besides a fast competition, the participants discovered a tough day including a lot of wind.

Waves appeared like those on the Baltic Sea, when the three swimmers headed onto the three-lap course in the Lake Langener Waldsee. Top swimmer Sarah Köhler initially let the two men take the lead on the 1,900-meter distance. "In the beginning, I let the boys do the work a bit", the 1,500-meter World Championship silver medalist and relay World champion said later with a smile. However, she took it way more serious on the third and final lap, when she opened up a clear gap. Jan Sibbersen exited the water in second place thanks to a final sprint just in front of Andreas Raelert. On the way to the swim exit, the spectators on TV could both follow a nice challenge and interviews of Andreas Raelert and Jan Sibbersen. "I think we have seen a nice advertisement for our sport and for sports in general today", said Andreas Raelert, "as athletes we could feel excitement for competition, that hopefully might come up again soon, depending on the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic.”