Andreas Raelert starts at the Keszthely-Triathlon

Andreas Raelert will start at the Keszthely-Triathlon this Saturday. After being invited to the event by the organizers of the race at the Lake Balaton, the Rostockian will tackle the middle-distance competition in Hungary which is part of a triathlon festival this weekend. "I am delighted to be able to get to know both this place and this race," says Andreas Raelert. After his return from the Ironman South American Championship in Brazil, recovery has been his main focus. "The event in Hungary is a welcome change now," says Andreas Raelert.

On Saturday morning, the competition of 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers of running starts on the western coast of the Lake Balaton. At the beach of Keszthely, some more strong athletes will line up besides Andreas Raelert. The professional field includes among others David Plese from Slovakia, Australia’s Brad Kahlefeldt, the Italian Alessandro Degasperi, Thomas Steger from Austria, Hungary’s local hero Csoke Balazs and the Croatian Andrej Vistica.

The bike course will lead the field over two rounds and promises a fast race just as it is expected to take place on the flat run course. "The course and the field will make it quick on race day," says Andreas Raelert, "I hope that I do have the necessary freshness to show a successful competition." The Rostockian is especially looking forward to discovering the event and the Region.

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