CSA Podcast: The Aero of Wheels with Jean-Paul Ballard

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
April 07, 2020

Cycle Systems Academy recorded an interesting Podcast with Jean-Paul Ballard about aerodynamics and wheel technology:

"Wheel Building Series Part 3 – Bringing in the Big Guns.

To finish our wheel building series we bring you an ultra geeky and in depth look at wheel tech and aerodynamics from a world leading expert.

(Be prepared to fall down the rather delightful wheel build rabbit hole.)

After 14 years designing F1 cars, Jean-Paul Ballard decided to get into manufacturing carbon fibre wheels after a rather unfortunate experience with a top end brand on his own bike.

JP also designs frames for some of the top road and triathlon brands and he takes us through the science and technology behind free speed.

So turn on and tune in.


Download and listen to the Podcast.