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October 04, 2016
Collaborators CUBE, a leader in bike manufacturing, and Swiss Side aerodynamic experts, have formed an official partnership. By combining their respective areas of expertise, the two brands have pursued a goal to develop the fastest triathlon time trial bike in the world. This bike has the most aerodynamic carbon frame ever creating forward motion in its purest form.

CUBE and Swiss Side teamed up for the first time in 2015 and the results were phenomenal. The CUBE Aerium C:68 high-end triathlon bike was modified and adapted in the wind tunnel in Immenstaad on Lake Constance by CUBE and Swiss Side as part of the joint Raelert Brothers’ sponsorship. Runner-up World Champion, Andy Raelert rode this “ultimate aero bike” to an impressive second place finish at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
The CUBE Aerium C:68 was put through a battery of wind tunnel testing by Swiss Side’s expert aerodynamics team and modified for best possible performance. The bike was then equipped with Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800+ aero wheels and ultimately saved Raelert 10 plus minutes over the 180 km bike course. The new CUBE Aerium C:68 is now available to the public which makes it possible for all triathletes to benefit from ‘Aerodynamics by Swiss Side’.
This year, the engineers at CUBE are, once again, working together with the aerodynamics experts at Swiss Side to create a world-class bike for the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Raelert’s new prototype bike will allow extra valuable minutes to be shaved off the bike course time thanks to the optimisation of the entire rider-bike system. With over 50 years of Formula 1 experience, Swiss Side’s engineering team is number one in aerodynamics, bringing the latest technologies to cycling research and development. Raelert’s new triathlon time trial bike was developed with development methods used in Formula 1, including analyses computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel testing, performance simulations and measurements with the unique Instrumented Bike.

“CUBE is a big name in the cycling industry and the right partner to put our Formula 1 expertise to constructive use,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side’s technical director. “This partnership guarantees the development of a triathlon bike that will set new standards in the bike industry.”
The CUBE development team are also convinced that the prototype will set a new benchmark for the triathlon segment,” says Bernd Schenkl, Head of Engineering at CUBE. “Our goal is to build the fastest triathlon bike in the world. The current prototype is the product of a two-year development phase, during which, we worked closely with Swiss Side to create a world-class aero bike for Andy Raelert. Our focus was on combining uncompromising aerodynamics with a unique design to build a bike that is not only the fastest in wind tunnel tests, but one that also delivers outstanding maneuverability and plenty of set-up options to allow athletes to find the perfect riding position. This approach is crucial to ensuring maximum on-road performance. The innovative C:68 carbon frameset transforms every watt of energy expended at the pedals into speed and perfectly combines a lightweight structure with extraordinarily high stiffness and ultimate aerodynamics.”
The Raelert brother’s new CUBE racing machines proudly carry the ‘Aerodynamics by Swiss Side’ logo. The bike setup is equipped with Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800+ aero wheel, independently confirmed to be one of the world’s best aerodynamic wheelsets. Swiss Side wheels are naturally also developed with the same outstanding methods directly from Formula 1 aerodynamics.
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About CUBE Bikes
CUBE was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Bavaria by Marcus Puerner. Over the years the company has become a market leader in several European countries in the middle and premium mountain bike and road bike segments. The brand is available through specialist retailers in 60 countries worldwide. The current product portfolio consists of more than 180 different mountain, road, cross, triathlon, e- and trekking bikes. Ergonomically optimised bikes for women and kids as well as a clothing and accessories line complement the product range.
CUBE is driven by the aspiration to get the maximum out of every bike. The brand epitomises ideas that have been developed in-house. At the headquarters in Waldershof, Bavaria, the dedicated team of engineers continuously seeks to improve materials, construction and processes. CUBE’s in-house laboratory tests every model rigorously, ensuring that they meet requirements that are well above the European CE standards. They are then put through their paces in the real world by our engineers and professional bikers to weed out any remaining flaws or weaknesses. The result is an uncompromising combination of functionality, weight, stiffness and safety.
About Swiss Side
Swiss Side, No.1 in aerodynamics, maximises speed and real world performance of aero wheels. With over 50 years of Formula 1 experience, Swiss Side’s new technologies and unmatched engineering know-how revolutionise the cycling industry.
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