Daniela Bleymehl wins Challenge Heilbronn 2019

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 20, 2019

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Daniela Bleymehl successfully defended her title at Challenge Heilbronn and got crowned as German Half Distance Champion. The German crossed the finish line after 4:18:08 and completed her triple in Heilbronn after winning the previous two editions in 2017 and 2018. The Challenge Family Ambassador proved to be in good shape in her second race of the season: "I am super happy with my performance today! It was a big motivation to fight for the triple and I am proud that I could reach that goal. I am also glad that my fitness is going in the right direction, which makes me confident about the upcoming weeks." 

After 28:34 Daniela Bleymehl finished the swim in the first chase group alongside teammate Laura Philipp. It didn't take long for the two athletes to dominate on the bike and lead the race. With the second fastest bike split (2:18:18) the 30-year old entered T2 in second position and took the lead on the run with Laura Philipp struggling with health issues and quitting the race eventually. Daniela Bleymehl ran a 1:24:36 half marathon to secure the top spot ahead of Els Visser (4:28:16) and Corina Hengartner (4:30:40).

Preparing for The Championships in Samorin 

Besides winning the triple at Challenge Heilbronn, Daniela Bleymehl also secured the German Championships that have been held at the event. The German will be fighting for the next title in two weeks at The Championships in Samorin on June 2nd where she will be lining up in a strong field including Lucy Charles and Anne Haug among many others. "I will enjoy and celebrate my win today for a couple of days and then start my preparations to be in good shape when I will be on the start line in Samorin."


Photo: Isaak Papadopoulos