Are you eyeing as set of new Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels? If so, then take part in our one-off HADRON wheel set auction on Facebook!
We are auctioning a standard HADRON aero wheel set (alu-carbon hybrid construction with standard bearings) over this weekend, 20th / 21st August 2016. This wheel set with a value of EUR 1368 will be sold to the highest bidder. The auction begins on Saturday 20th August at 07:00h central European time and ends on Sunday 21st August at 22:00h. The HADRON wheel set consists of a front and rear wheel. The successful highest bidder can choose their desired rim depths out the 485, 625 & 800+ models and is free to specific a mixed set (with different front and rear rim depths).
The auction will take place on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/swissside). We will post an image saying “Place your bid here“. Place your bid by commenting to that post. You are free to directly place your highest bid or otherwise bid above the current highest bid in minimum EUR 5 steps. The starting bid is EUR 95.
The highest bid on Sunday 21st August just before 22:00h will win the auction. However if a bid is placed in the last 3 minutes, the auction will be extended by 3 minutes. This process continues until no further bids are placed in the last 3 minutes. The time given on the Facebook page, on the “Place your bid here“ post where the auction will take place, will be taken as the official time.
Swiss Side will directly contact the successful highest bidder, to finalise the purchase details. All Swiss Side fans world wide are invited to the action. Shipping costs are included in the price for customers in the European region.
All details about these HADRON aero wheels under:
For any further questions please send us a direct personal message on Facebook.
Award winning wheels!

Our HADRON aero wheels have been developed with the latest aerodynamic methods directly from Formula 1 motorsport and have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by leading cycling publications world wide. The results are unanimous: Absolute top level performance aero wheels! Three examples of many:

• HADRON 800+ Tour Magazine Aero Test winner 08-2015
• HADRON 625 Pro Cycling Magazine Aero Test winner 08-2016
• HADRON 485 Tri2b.com: 10/10 score for price-performance


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