HADRON Ultimate 800 - Aero Geeks Review

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
April 23, 2019

Aero Geeks tested our HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheels. Read their thoughts about the wheelset:

"Let’s start out with just our initial observations. When we unboxed the wheels, there was just something about them. We get this is totally subjective, but we really liked the look and feel of these wheels. They felt special and unique.

Once we got them mounted and moving, we were able to start getting some slightly less subjective indications (if only slightly so). On acceleration these spun up quick and easily. Deep wheels will never be easy to sprint from a standing start – but a good stiff wheel can get you moving fast enough. And the Hadron Ultimate’s delivered. Once moving our internal speedometer told us that these were fast – we had no trouble riding both in a group or on our own hitting top times along our standard Strava routes. Even when the winds kicked up the wheels kept nice and steady.

To slow us down Swiss Side sticks with the highly proven Black Prince Flash Pro pads. We would say braking was good – but not great (in the dry at least – South Florida spared us any showers during our ride time with the Hadron Ultimate so wet braking testing unfortunately did not happen). A few years ago, the braking performance of these wheels would be top of the pile – near Reynolds Cryo Blue. 

The thing that impresses most is the value of the Hadron Ultimate’s. For 1868 Euro (or just above 2K in the US) you get an all carbon wheel with a top of the line aero package, solid internals including aero spokes and ceramic bearings, and good braking. That’s a pretty hard number to beat and probably the icing on the cake for someone debating buying them."

Source and entire review: aerogeeks.com