Ironman Brazil: Not the result Andreas Raelert hoped for

Andreas Raelert didn’t get the result at the Ironman South American Championship Brazil he had hoped for. Due to energetic problems, he had to withdraw from the fight for second place after six hours of racing. "For a long time, the race was going on not bad for me," said Andreas Raelert after the competition in Florianopolis. "The swim was very promising, I had power on the bike and I started really well into the marathon. But then an energetic issue unfolded which I could not fix anymore." Andreas Raelert finished the race in 9:02:20 hours in 15th professional place while Tim Don from Great Britain celebrated an impressive triumph in 7:40:23 hours. "No one was able to touch Tim today," said Andreas Raelert. Second place went to South African Kyle Buckingham in 8:05:43 hours ahead of Igor Amorelli (8:06:58 hours) from Brazil.

Andreas Raelert was among the pace-setters in the water. He belonged to a top group of ten athletes right from the get-go, before the Brazilian Luiz Francisco led the field into the first transition after 44:12 minutes. In 44:30 minutes Andreas Raelert was ninth out of the water, and he started his bike just 30 seconds behind leading Tim Don. "Tim really stormed through T1," said the Rostockian, who took over the command in the chase group while the British started to open up a gap at the front.

Despite wets roads and a rainy day in Florianopolis, last year’s runner-up made a big move. After 90 kilometers, Tim Don already led the group around Andreas Raelert by about 10 minutes. Andreas Raelert rode the 180- kilometer course in 4:27:16 hours, Tim Don managed the flat but wet course in a fabulous time of 4:06:56 hours. When Andreas Raelert came off the bike together with the two Brazilians Reinaldo Colucci and Igor Amorelli, these three were already 20 minutes behind the lead.

"My start into the marathon was good," said Andreas Raelert. He ran the first 10 kilometers in a constant pace and found a good rhythm. "The first six hours of the competition have been absolutely okay," he said later. "But after 15 kilometers, however, I noticed that I did not have enough energy to keep the speed on a high level." Andreas Raelert fought hard against these energetic issues, but he lost contact to his fellow competitors and had to withdraw from the fight for a podium spot. "Unfortunately, the situation didn’t improve, that’s why a top spot was no longer realistic. For me, it was still important to finish the race."

Andreas Raelert finished the marathon in 3:45:59 hours. "The end of the race was far away from what I had hoped for," he said in a first analysis. "Perhaps the reason is that I missed some basic kilometers in training due to injuries and the power was missing a bit today." Although the outcome of the Ironman South American Championship was frustrating, Andreas Raelert also takes positive things from Brazil back to Germany. "During the first six hours, I have been able to race offensive and on a really good level," he said. "I want to work on that."


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