Ironman World Champion Wheels Review (HADRON Ultimate 800)

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
August 30, 2018

Triathlete Magazine took a close look at the Ironman World Champion Aero Wheels of Patrick Lange. Read the entire review in "The Championship Issue":

"Constructed in partnership with DT Swiss, using aerodynamic principles from F1 race cars, the Hadrons are a deep 80mm carbon clincher that tips the scales at 1,727g for the set. According to Swiss Sdie, these wheels perform best with high yaw angles - around 17 degrees - meaning they are faster with a moderate side wind. We also found them to be some of the most stable wheels in crosswinds at this depth, so it's no surprise these are an excellent choice for the blustery lava fields of Kona - or those nightmare conditions at your "A" race."