Julia Gajer gains strategic know-how in wind tunnel

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 29, 2017

Good aerodynamics is just as important for women in triathlon as for men. Performance is increasing constantly and the competition field is getting tighter. A few minutes, even seconds, can decide between winning and losing. In triathlon, most time is spent on the bike and with a good aerodynamic set-up you can save up to 20 minutes on the 180km long Ironman bike course. Since two seasons, Julia Gajer is part of the Swiss Side pro team. Her aerodynamics on the bike is already very optimized at this point, however with every season new products and needs emerge, and therefore the challenge remains to find the new optimal bike-rider set-up. The focus in the wind tunnel this year was the comparison of the Cervélo P5X versus the P5, the influence of different hydration systems, the aero performance of tri-bar extensions, as well as different helmets & visors.

The outcome of the test was very interesting and highly valuable for Julia. The know-how gained from the results will support Julia in choosing the best set-up, even individually tuned for each single race. The best set-up is very specific to the rider and always remains a compromise between aerodynamics, ergonomics and comfort. With the products that we tested for Julia, we realized, that the right equipment choice for her with regards to bike, hydration system and helmets with/without visor depends highly on the race course height profile, the wind conditions and the temperature.

In the end, this approach for maximizing performance ties back to the Swiss Side team’s Formula 1 background, where every driver and car is setup differently for each and every race track… with one goal… maximizing speed to minimize time!

Photo: Skinfit International