Lessons from the Wind Tunnel

5th Annual Swiss Side Wind Tunnel Battle. The folks of tri-mag.de and triathlonworld.com have spent some time in the wind tunnel with the aerodynamic experts of Swiss Side, testing gear and position. In the first of a three-part series, a look at the best position for descending:

"What is the best position for descending?

We've all watched the pros tuck when they're descending. Once they hit downhill speeds above 50 km / h, some athletes stop pedaling, grab the base bar, make themselves small and lay their buttocks on the top tube (see photo below). How much of a difference does this position make in terms of aerodynamics? A lot. It's extremely aerodynamic.

For one of our test riders, this position brought savings of 66.2 watts compared to the baseline (front-facing in the aero position). In a second rider, who had a lower CdA value than driver 1, there was a saving of 29.8 watts. This position is better aerodynamically, but you're also getting that extra speed while giving your legs a break."

Read the full length article at tri-mag.de or triathlonworld.com

Photo: Kevin Mackinnon / Spomedis 

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