Swiss Side Live Aero Workshop on 4. April 2020

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
March 30, 2020

Facebook Live & Instagram Live @swissside
Saturday, 4. April 2020 from 5-6 pm CET (Swiss time)

An “Aero Talk” with Swiss Side’s own, Jean-Paul Ballard.
Learn from the leading R&D company in cycling aerodynamics. Free participation!

This is an interactive workshop to discuss together aerodynamic principals in cycling, why they are important and how to make yourself faster.

1. Aerodynamics Basics
2. Wheels & Tyres
3. Bikes & Components
4. Athletes & Equipment

What are your questions for the talk? Send us an email or let us know in the comments underneath the social media posts on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also ask questions as the talk proceeds and JP will get to as many of them as possible.

Tune In & Tune Up!