Michael Raelert achieves second victory in Australia

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
March 04, 2019

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Michael Raelert took his second win of the season in Australia. He nailed the victory at the seventh event of the Queensland Tri Series in Raby Bay. After racing the distance of 900 meters of swimming, 25 kilometers of cycling and 6 kilometers of running, he crossed the finish line in 1:06:50 hours in front of two experienced Olympic-distance specialists. Second place went to Andrea Salvisberg of Switzerland in 1:07:16 hours in front of Gaspar Riveros from Chile, who finished in 1:08:10 hours. "It was really fun to compete against the ITU guys," Michael Raelert said after battling it out with these two athletes from the ITU World Triathlon Series. "I can still learn from them."

As expected, a fast pace unfolded during the swim right from the beginning. Andrea Salvisberg led the top group after the swim, he came out of the water in 10:41 minutes. "The swim was pretty good," said Michael Raelert, who was shortly behind the Swiss in 10:44 minutes. "However, it was easy to see what these guys are capable of during the first transition.“ Andrea Salvisberg and Gaspar Riveros took on the bike course with a lead of a few seconds. "For me, the most important thing on the bike was to close the gap soon and to put some real pressure on the boys," said Michael Raelert. Thanks to an attack, he finally made a significant move on the bike. When Michael Raelert reached the second transition after 37:22 minutes, the two chasers were more than 90 seconds behind the lead.

The pace remained fast on the run course, too. "The race was a tough one," said Michael Raelert, "I had to pay tribute to the hard bike split and the volumen of my training in recent weeks during the run." In 18:43 minutes, he managed the run course and finished in front of the strong runner Andrea Salvisberg. "There is still a lot of work to do," said Michael Raelert after the race, "but the race feeling has been good already in thiscompetition."

Photo: Robie Haywood