Michael Raelert: Looking forward to Frankfurt

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
July 07, 2017

A hot race day awaits Swiss Side pro-athlete Michael Raelert this Sunday. He will compete at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt for which not only hot conditions are predicted. "The pressure you feel going into such a competition is always as high as you make it," says Michael Raelert. "But I have to say that I feel tense and in a positive way nervous. The professional field is strong, the conditions on race day for sure will be very challenging.”

For the first time since 2013, Michael Raelert heads to the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt. "At the end of the race four years ago, unfortunately my energy was gone," says Michael Raelert in a retrospective, "I hope that this does not happen to me again." The Rostockian wants to reach more than seventh place which was his result in 2013. "Winning the Ironman 70.3 European Championship Elsinore a few days ago has been such a good feeling that I would like to enjoy this emotion again," he says. "But I know how tough the competition will be on Sunday and how long an Ironman is. The race in Frankfurt is definitely not comparable to the competition in Denmark."

Especially on the bike, Michael Raelert expects a very high pace right from the start. "In the past weeks, my impressions on the bike were confirming me a lot," he says, "the tempo is right there. However, a 90-kilometer bike in an Ironman 70.3 is something different than 180 kilometers in an Ironman." In the water, Michael Raelert expects a good start into the race. "Everything will come down to the marathon," the Rostockian says, "but not only due to that it will be a really hard day." Besides two-time Frankfurt champion Sebastian Kienle there are two other strong Germans racing, Andreas Boecherer and Patrick Lange. Among others, more big rivals in Frankfurt will be Cyril Viennot from France, Swedish Patrik Nilsson and as well the South African James Cunnama.

First and foremost, Michael Raelert wants to secure his qualification for the Ironman World Championship in Frankfurt. "I want to be part of the Ironman world championship race in Kona this year," says Michael Raelert. He wants to have a positive race in Frankfurt and fight for the podium.


Photo: James Mitchell Photography