Michael Raelert: Looking forward to the home race

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
July 26, 2018

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Michael Raelert is ready to discover a special highlight this Sunday in Hamburg. The Rostockian, who lives temporarily in the Hanseatic city, will start at the second edition of the Ironman in the North of Germany. "For me, it's a home game," says Michael Raelert, "I like the city, the people and the flair." After being forced to cancel his start at the inaugural race in Hamburg last year due to an infection, he wants to catch up his personal Hamburg debut now. "I'm really looking forward to Sunday, but I'm also extremely excited about the professional competition."

Michael Raelert will be part of a great field of professional athletes on Sunday. "There are a lot of strong guys racing," he says, "experienced long-distance athletes meet people who are still fresh in the Ironman scenery and full of motivation." Michael Raelert wants to give everything to be a factor in the race, especially because he likes the predicted high temperatures. "I love to race in the heat," says Michael Raelert. But he also knows about the outstanding quality of his competitors. "The start list of the professional athletes offers some nice names," says the co-favorite.

One of the stars at the Ironman Hamburg is Tim Don from Great Britain, he is one of the best long-distance athletes in the world. A few days out of the Ironman World Championship last October, Tim Don was seriously injured in a training accident in Hawaii. Now he is back to racing, and he wants to go further on his way back to the top in Hamburg. Another strong athlete is the South African James Cunnama, who won the inaugural Ironman Hamburg last year in a clear way. James Cunnama convinced last year with a brilliant marathon. The Belgian Bart Aernouts, the British Joe Skipper and Will Clarke, Clemente Alonso Mckernan and Miquel Blanchart from Spain or the Germans Horst Reichel, Markus Fachbach and Christian Kramer are other athletes who can be fast this Sunday. "I usually do not look at the others before a race. But I'm really curious how I can bring myself in a good position, "says Michael Raelert.

In recent weeks, Michael Raelert prepared in Germany’s South intensively for the race in the north. He laid important foundations for the Ironman Hamburg in the Bavarian region around Ruhpolding before he added a fine tuning in the past few days in the Hanseatic city. Michael Raelert feels fit and ready for the race. "It took a while until my calf problems were completely gone," he says. In May he had to deal with a hardening of the calf muscles. "I have cancelled some speed session, but overall everything has developed well." The Rostockian hopes for a good result on Sunday after this preparation for Hamburg.

Photo: Raelert-Brothers