Michael Raelert returns to racing in a solid way in Phuket

posted by Stacy Freund
November 26, 2019

Rostockian takes second place at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon – Swiss Ruedi Wild makes the pass over the three-time winner on the run

Phuket. After a long injury-related break, Michael Raelert returned to racing with a solid result. He finished second at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon on Sunday. After a close battle during the swim and on the bike, Ruedi Wild from Switzerland finally finished the competition in first place after 2:21:07 hours in front of Michael Raelert, who finished the race of 1.8 kilometers of swimming, 50 kilometers of cycling and 12 kilometers of running in 2:22:34 hours. Third place went to Krzystof Hadas (Poland) in 2:26:20 hours. "In the water and on the bike, Ruedi and I were on the same level today," Michael Raelert said after the race, "I had to let him go on the run."

The competition in Phuket once again became an exciting race, which was especially characterized by specific climatic conditions. In the humidity and heat of Phuket, it was on Michael Raelert to take over the lead on the swim early, where he immediately started to set the pace. "It felt good," said the Rostockian later. Although it was his first race after a long break, he led the top group out of the water in 23:30 minutes. Once on the bike, he kept going at the front. "I tried to keep up the pressure," he said with a look at the demanding bike race he eventually completed in 1:11:28 hours.

Together with Ruedi Wild, Michael Raelert came off the bike in the lead, and they both embarked on the final run course within moments. Due to the tough conditions and his lack of competition practice, Michael Raelert had to let the Swiss pull away early. "I couldn’t stay with Ruedi's run pace today," Michael Raelert said, who finished the run course in 45:31 minutes. After celebrating three victories in Phuket from 2015 to 2017, this second place meant a positive return to racing to him.


Photo Credit: Marcel Hilger