Michael Raelert suffers a broken collarbone

posted by Stacy Freund
August 14, 2019

Collision with a car during a training ride in Switzerland – Numerous bruises and abrasions – Schedule for the season has to be changed

St. Moritz. Michael Raelert has to make changes to his training and competition schedule in the next weeks. The Rostockian had a training accident in Switzerland on Thursday. Michael Raelert has suffered, among other things, a fracture of his collarbone. "Unfortunately, my dream of racing the 2019 Ironman Hawaii 2019 is over now," said Michael Raelert. He had hoped to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Sweden next week.

On the final kilometers of his bike training, Michael Raelert collided with a car near St. Moritz on Thursday. He crashed and suffered numerous painful bruises and abrasions in that accident. Above all, a fracture of his collarbone was diagnosed in the hospital.

Michael Raelert was allowed to leave the hospital again, but it is not possible to take part in any competitions in the upcoming weeks. "I hope I can start with my training again soon," said Michael Raelert, "but momentarily, this is far away for me."


Photo Credit: Marcel Hilger