Michael Raelert takes on “The Championship”

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
June 01, 2017

Michael Raelert will be part of a world-class field this Saturday in Samorin, Slovakia. In the new elite competition "The Championship”, the Rostockian will face some of the world's best Olympic- and Ironman-distance racers. "No question, that will be a hammer," says Michael Raelert with a view to the middle-distance triathlon event of the Challenge Family. The start list includes outstanding athletes, two-time Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee from the UK is the most dazzling name on a long list of high-class athletes.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, Michael Raelert has been preparing for the competition which includes a 1.9 kilometer swim, a 90 kilometer bike ride and a 21.1 kilometer run. "The course is flat, and for sure it is extremely fast," says Michael Raelert. "When I think about the athletes who will be at the start line next to me, I think this is going to be a real showdown right from the start." Especially on the swim course in the river Danube, he expects a tough fight early in the water.

After his long training and competition stay in Asia, Michael Raelert finally prepared in his hometown Rostock for the race in Samorin and for the rest of the season. "The championship this weekend in Samorin is a real highlight," he says. In addition to the British two-time Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee, Richard Murray from South Africa and the Slovakian Richard Varga are other excellent Olympic-distance specialists who will make the race fast. "These guys will ring the alarm bell very early in the swim, and I want to try to stay the pace at the front," says Michael Raelert.

On the bike, long-distance specialists like Sebastian Kienle or Andreas Dreitz are expected to put some pressure on the field to catch up with the leaders after the swim. Due to the fact, that the event organization announced a non-drafting zone of 20 meters between each athlete, Michael Raelert expects a hard ride on the bike. "And I think this will be followed by a real knockout-competition on the run," he says. "I hope I can be part of this battle."