Patrick Lange's Post Race Thoughts

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
April 25, 2018

"The day after: 3rd place is not what I was hoping for, but the day after the race you can sum it up. All in all, the race unfolded completely as I expected. In the swim I was able to stay within the front without any big problems. After Andi disappeared on the bike, the eyes had been mostly on Sven and me, expecting us to follow the lead and keep the gap as small as possible. I like hilly courses and this was definitely a tough bike part! Right away after I started the run I felt quite sore, mainly because I hadn’t had much of a recovery leading into this race. This is not an excuse, we just have to consider what’s important now to shine when it really matters. My equipment was perfect, so this thank you goes out to my sponsors! We‘ve been paying even more attention to details lately and thus made remarkable improvements. Thanks to every member of my team, looking forward to my next races!" #betherecordbreaker #stepbystep #keepworkinghard

📸 @jamesmitchell5 + @jackyeveraerdt