Peloton Magazine reviews HADRON Classic 485 aero wheelset

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
October 19, 2018

"Cutting edge aero for less" is what the team at Peloton Magazine writes, after testing and reviewing the HADRON Classic 485 wheelset. Here an extract of the write-up:

"As you would expect from a company specializing in aerodynamics, Swiss Side designed the HADRON Classic 485 to be fast–but not at the expense of rideability. By focusing on stability and predictable handling in windy conditions, this wheelset allows you to stay in an aerodynamic position for longer. After all, aero wheels aren’t much good if they force you to ride in an upright position, with your body catching wind like a sail. In real world conditions, the stability is noticeable: these wheels track straight in most wind conditions you’ll encounter, even for small riders, and carve confidently through descents. Simply put, they’re a joy to ride.

Swiss Side partners with DT Swiss, using the fellow Swiss company’s revered hubs and bladed Aero Comp spokes while focusing on its own in-house rim shapes. Along with the benefits of durable, high quality components, the partnership allows Swiss Side wheels to be tuned up at DT Swiss’s extensive worldwide network of service centers. Additionally, Swiss Side’s generous crash replacement program offers 50% off the same style wheel–hopefully you’ll never need it but it’s nice to know you aren’t completely out of luck in the event of an accident.

These wheels offer incredible, easy to handle aerodynamics at a great price. There are trade-off’s however – wet braking, tire volume and weight. Of course, for those seeking cutting edge aero at entry level carbon prices, the Swiss Side Classic 485 is a great option."

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