posted by George Cant
April 19, 2016

Swiss Side Technical Director Jean-Paul Ballard recently gave an aerodynamics workshop to triathletes from Tempo Sport, our retail partner in Zürich, Switzerland. Did you know that slower, hobby athletes benefit even more from aerodynamics than professional athletes, despite having slower speeds?
In this workshop, Jean-Paul explains the details behind Swiss Side’s Formula 1 derived aerodynamic development methods and the secrets behind improving your aerodynamic setup for increasing speed and reducing your time on the bike!
“The proof is in the pudding!” says Jean-Paul, “The 10 minute time saving we achieved through optimising Andreas Raelert’s aerodynamic setup for the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2015 is that proof.” The aerodynamic optimisation steps behind Andy’s 2015 Kona package are revealed in the presentation.
Interested? Contact us to arrange for us to present this unique aerodynamics workshop at your cycling club, triathlon club or your local retailer!