Swiss Side Athlete Profile - Anna-Lena Pohl

posted by Brad Farmer
August 22, 2017

How is Aerodynamics by Swiss Side effecting your performance in triathlon?

Aero wheels are an important part of puzzle when it comes to performance. With the expertise of the Swiss Side team in aerodynamics, I have the perfect precondition to not just perform in the race but also to enhance my bike performance.

Athlete Name: Anna-Lena Pohl

Instagram: @polannalena

Hometown/Country: Mainz/Germany

List your sponsors/supporters:

Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Swiss Side, Skinfit, Cube, Profile Design,

Sailfish, PowerBar, and SRM

Anna-Lena Pohl, Swiss Side, Triathlon, Triathlete

List your biggest accomplishments in triathlon:

2017 becoming a member of Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei


2nd place EJOT Triathlon Buschhütten

4th place Frankfurt City Triathlon

9th place Triathlon XL de Gérardmer

2015: 3rd place Swiss Pro League Uster

2013: 2nd place Deutsche Meisterschaften Duathlon (Elite/U23)

2012:  3rd place 5150 Berlin

What is your favorite triathlon to participate in? Why?

So far, the Triathlon Gérardmer is my favorite race because of the challange andthe scenic bike course. In addition, it was my first middle distance race which makes it always special to remember.

What is your favorite non-triathlon activity or hobby?

Hiking, reading and eating.

What unique things do you do to physically prepare for a competition?

Often it is just a short swim, bike and run with really short intervals the day before the race and the usual warm-up routine (run warm up with some technical drills and swim warm up) on


How do you mentally prepare just before starting a competition?

I often go over some parts of the race e.g. the start, transitions and special parts of the race course in my mind to prepare myself mentally.


Is there anything you want to say or advice you want to give to your fans who might be reading this?

For this question I would go with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 6 rules of success.

1. Trust yourself

2. Break some rules

3. Don't be afraid to fail

4. Ignore the naysayers

5. Work like hell

6. Give something back.