Swiss Side Athlete Profile - Christian Otto

posted by Brad Farmer
June 20, 2017

Christian Otto

What is your favorite triathlon to participate in? Why?

One of my favorite races was Schliersee Triathlon which is a classic race in the Alps. Some years ago it was for the Olympic Distanz, a European Cup and German Championships - it’s a hilly bike race with a final climb and little cross run and the finish is 500m higher as the start… , it’s a hard race. I like extreme conditions and technical, hilly bike courses, but sometimes I need a speed race with perfect conditions.


Hometown: Leipzig, Germany

Club: TV Dresden e.V.


Swiss Side


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Verve Cycling


List your biggest accomplishments in triathlon:

German Champion Cross-triathlon 2014

4th Challenge Rimini 2016

4th European Cup Turkey 2012/13

3rd German Cup 2013

43rd EM Kitzbühel Elite

1st Dresden City Triathlon 2015/16


What is your favorite non-triathlon activity or hobby?

I like winter in Germany and cross-country and aline-skiing. If there is no snow, I’m riding my mountain bike. In the summertime, when I have days off, I like to do windsurfing, beach volleyball and hiking.

What unique things do you do to physically prepare for a competition?

There is nothing really special that I do. Training is a long process of progressing physically. The difference between an age-grouper and elite starter is how wiling you are to endure the consequences of working really hard for many years.

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How to you mentally prepare just before starting a competition?

Just being prepared for the big start and breathing slow. Just going for it and making it yours.

How is Aerodynamics by Swiss Side effecting your performance in triathlon?

I think the mostly effect is like the mentally. I know in the race, that i have the perfect wheel for the competition and this conditions. It’s only one part of the setup, but I feel the lightness and the power on the Swiss Side HADRON.

Is there anything you want to say or advice you want to give to your fans who might be reading this?

Triathlon is passion, lifestyle and can create really great emotions! If you work hard every day and week, so take it easy. Go step by step to the next level of training but remember this is not a straight line. When you talk about focus, talk about it as a process!

Sport frei ;)