Swiss Side Athlete Profile - Fabian Reuter

posted by Brad Farmer
August 28, 2017

Athlete Name: Fabian Reuter
Instagram: @fabi.reuter

Hometown/Country: Fulda /Germany

List your sponsors/supporters: Erdinger Alkoholfrei, National Police of Hessen, Skinfit, Sailfish, Cube, Polar, Rudy Project, PowerBar, Profile Design and Swiss Side

List your biggest accomplishments in triathlon:

German University Championships 2016

German Police Champion 2015

Swiss Side Fabian Reuter

What is your favorite triathlon to participate in? Why?

My first ever triathlon which was the “Barockstadt Fulda.” A small event in my hometown so it gives me this special feelings.

What is your favorite non-triathlon activity or hobby?

I like to play the board game Risiko with my best friends. It always ends in a big discussion about the luck rolling the dices… it’s a lot of fun. 

What unique things do you do to physically prepare for a competition?

It’s a special set of running drills to improve my movement amplitude and to increase the muscle tension before my foot touches the ground.

How to you mentally prepare just before starting a competition?

I take a few deep breaths and remember my hardest training sessions of the last few months to build self confidence.

How is Aerodynamics by Swiss Side effecting your performance in triathlon?

Knowing that your equipment is the fastest, gives you a massive psychological boost.

Is there anything you want to say or advice you want to give to your fans who might be reading this?

In your training or your competition, you will always reach a point at which i