Swiss Side End of Season Sale

Up to 20% Off all HADRON Classic and Ultimate Aero Wheels.

Stock is limited so don’t wait, pick up your new wheels today! 

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Our 2018 HADRON Aero Wheels – Unmatched in Quality and Performance at this Low Price!
✅ Best Quality: Manufactured for Swiss Side by DT Swiss
✅ Top Performance: Fast, Aerodynamically Efficient & Stable
✅ DT Swiss hubs and spokes (Design in collaboration with “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side”) 
✅ Full Carbon Construction. Rim depths: 485, 625, 800 - Rim & Disc Brake
✅ One Flat Price for each model - Mix & Match your Ideal Set. 
✅ Worldwide Service Network through DT Swiss 
✅ Crash Replacement Program through DT Swiss
✅ Premium Customer Service
✅ All Wheels are Tubeless Ready
✅ All Wheels are UCI Approved 
✅ Formula 1 Background: The Swiss Side Team are all Experienced F1 Engineers & Aerodynamicists
✅ Don’t forget a decal pack to customise your colour scheme!

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