Zurich, Switzerland – February 17, 2015 – Swiss Side is proud to announce that they are in development on two new Hadron Aero Wheel Sets that will be released in 2015.
Over the next 5 weeks, Swiss Side will, once again, publish all the technical reports detailing the design and development of these new Hadron wheel set models, using their “fully transparent” reporting approach. Swiss Side has one main goal in this effort: to leave no doubt that the Hadron Aero Wheels are the best performing aerodynamic wheels available on the market at an affordable price.
Following the success of the Hadron 625, including overwhelming very positive reviews from some Europe’s leading magazines and blogs, Swiss Side is confident in their expansion of the Hadron wheel line. The engineering team at Swiss Side has continued the technical drive, using their unique development methods and the 50 years of aerodynamic development experience they bring with them directly from Formula 1 racing.
“With the expansion of the Hadron Line, our target has been to develop a lower profile aero wheel set with zero cross-wind sensitivity but still very low drag, intended for high wind or gusty conditions and a deep section wheel set for ultimate low drag for medium to low wind conditions,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side Technical Director. “Once again, our aerodynamics team are using extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and mathematical prediction optimisation techniques to develop the wheel prototypes, followed by an exhaustive wind tunnel testing and analysis programme.”
Building on the proven success of Hadron 625, the results for the new models again yield the absolute best aerodynamic performances in their profile depth categories. Considering both low drag as well as cross wind sensitivity parameters, the Swiss Side aerodynamics team has developed these new wheel models with a continued focus on ensuring maximum ‘real world performance’ out on the road where it matters.
Stay tuned for all the details as well as the pre-order launch for the new Hadron Wheel models.
Review the entire Hadron Project development process here:
A video of the wind tunnel test can be viewed here:

ABOUT SWISS SIDE: Swiss Side was founded in 2011 with a mission to revolutionize aerodynamics in the cycling aero wheel sector. The team brings over 50 years of combined aerodynamics experience from Formula 1 and focuses on maximizing “real world” performance. Feeling like the “Big Brands” are over priced?
Get higher performance wheels for less money with Swiss Side. For more information:, and @swissside.

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