Swiss Side Launches Even Better HADRON Aero Wheels!

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
August 14, 2020

New Unmatched Benchmark In Aero Wheel Performance

Swiss Side launches all-new HADRON2 Ultimate 500, 625 and 800

Swiss Side’s HADRON aero wheels have won races across the world including World Championships. However, at Swiss Side the development cycle never stops and being successful means there is always something new to learn which drives us to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. The result of this dedication is a “better best”, a “faster fast”; the all-new HADRON2 Ultimate 500, 625 and 800 disc brake aero wheel sets.

The target was clear: further reduce aero drag and increase sailing effect whilst decreasing steering moment to ensure maximum aero stability in the wind. Sounds impossible? Welcome the new HADRON2

HADRON2 Highlights: 

  • FASTER due to a 10 – 20% reduction in aero drag with more sailing effect and a later stall angle (greater crosswind range).
  • MORE STABLE in wind due to a 26% reduction in steering moment for notably less reactivity to the wind.
  • WIDE RIM 20 mm inner-rim width, without aero penalty, which allows the rider to benefit from improved rolling resistance and to accommodate wider tyres.
  • AEROLITE II SPOKES, only 0.7mm thick with a longer chord blade, which helps reduce overall aero drag and the rotational drag component.
  • 180 HUB SET from DT Swiss with SINC Ceramic bearings.
  • TUBELESS READY - What else?!
  • NO WEIGHT PENALTY. Despite the wider rim, weight and stiffness remain unchanged.
  • OPTIMISED for 25mm & 28mm tyres and recommended up to 32mm width.
  • NEW TECH used in the aero development including real-world wind studies with Swiss Side CdA-meter, wind tower and pressure measurement rakes to better understand the wind and re-optimise the aero performance characteristics.
  • ENHANCED WARRANTY thanks to DT Swiss: Lifetime warranty for the original owner on material and workmanship defects, plus “Fair-Share Policy” offering 10-year cost-conscious repairs for riding damage.

"Re-engineered from the ground up to redefine ‘best‘,“ says Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO and Co-founder of Swiss Side. “The biggest achievement, from my perspective, is the massive 26% reduction in steering moment. The new HADRON2 wheels feel one size smaller in comparison to their predecessor HADRON wheel models, and they were already the benchmark for crosswind stability! The new wheels are a true credit to the ever-evolving Swiss Side aerodynamic development capability.”

HADRON2 Ultimate 800

80 mm deep time trial / triathlon focused wheel, unparalleled in aero drag and sailing effect with incredible handling characteristics in the wind for a wheel of this depth. Saving over 5 minutes of time in a typical Ironman bike leg.

HADRON2 Ultimate 625

62.5 mm deep aero-road / triathlon focused wheel, delivering the best “all-round” maximum performance for any application and in any terrain. Our performance simulations and testing show that this is the fastest road-setup for any course up to 7.5 % gradient!

HADRON2 Ultimate 500

50 mm deep aero road wheel, for those who want that low weight agile feel, with incredible aero performance and unshakable handling characteristics for high-speed mountain descents in any wind conditions.

The HADRON2 Ultimate aero wheels are available for order now on