For the fifth time – after 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – the world record holder Andy Raelert (39) reached the podium at the Ironman World Championships 2015 in Hawaii. The Vice World Champion from Rostock (Germany) reveals the secret of his unexpected success.

Andy Raelert, many people were suprised by your fantastic second place at the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2015. How about you?
ANDREAS RAELERT: I was not surprised! I had to struggle with some injuries in the preparation, but the results in training were very promising. To be able to reach my potential in Hawaii, the Ironman World Championships, was a very big hurdle. To cross this hurdle is a great merit to the team that stands behind me and believes in me! I would like to especially thank the whole team at SWISS SIDE!

How important was the aerodynamic optimization of your rider-bike-system by the aero-experts at SWISS SIDE for this success?
The vigorous and self-sacrificing work by the SWISS SIDE team to refine the package down to the smallest detail, not only enabled me to have the best possible aerodynamic setup, but mentally strengthened me to be able to perform at the highest level!

What has impressed you most in cooperation with SWISS SIDE and the intensive tests in the wind tunnel?
The passion for performance is incredibly impressive! This passion persisted through to the very end and the tireless testing to achieve results are unique in my eyes. The willingness to question all the details is innovative and makes the difference! SWISS SIDE has such a great know-how, and I’ve had only a small insight.

What are your experiences with SWISS-SIDE-aero-wheels?
The details are what make the difference! And SWISS SIDE makes the difference! It’s all about performance! When you talk about passion for development, the benchmark is SWISS SIDE!

In 2016 you want to be on top of the podium in Hawaii. What will be particularly important in the preparation? And what role will the aerodynamics play?
The big dream of my brother Michael, myself and the whole team Raelert Brothers is to see the name «Raelert» maybe sometime in the future on the list of Hawaii winners! Together with SWISS SIDE we will continue to work on this dream, our big goal!
More details about the development of Andy Raelert’s aero package for Kona.

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