Swiss Side on board with Team INEOS

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
February 12, 2019

Team INEOS have partnered with Swiss Side for the 2019 season.

The high performance engineering experts of Swiss Side, who specialise in aerodynamics, have agreed a deal to become the Official Race & Aerodynamics Simulation Partner of Team INEOS

With over 50 years of experience in Formula 1, Swiss Side - the 'one-stop shop for performance engineering’ - are the market leaders in aerodynamics, bringing their expertise to the world of cycling to help maximise speed. 

The partnership will see Team INEOS work closely with Swiss Side to enhance the team’s performance strategy around racing, with a specific focus on time-based events. The performance strategy covers everything that can have an impact on racing, such as equipment choices, environmental conditions, road conditions, landscapes and physiological capabilities of individuals and groups of riders. 

Swiss Side’s approach quantifies performance out on the road where it matters, making aerodynamic measurements using their CdA (aero drag) measurement device, aligned with multiple other data sources, with the data then fed back into the ‘virtual pitwall’ race strategy simulation tool, as well as into all future development work. 

The unique part of the Swiss Side development process and approach is the ability to link all data inputs together to gain an understanding of what it takes to get the best out of the rider and equipment to go faster. 

CdA-Measurement Device 


Swiss Side focus on development and optimising the areas identified to have the biggest impact on performance and speed, dominated by aerodynamics - a method they call the Swiss Side 4-arm development approach.



4-Arm Development Process


Carsten Jeppesen, Team INEOS Head of Technical Operations, said: “Swiss Side are experts in the field of high performance engineering and this partnership will allow us to continue to make positive forward-strides in our approach to race simulation and prediction. Getting the best out of our race strategy is key and the ‘virtual pitwall’ gives us the best possibility of finding an optimum strategy for time gains in all time-based race environments. We’re looking forward to working closely with Swiss Side to continue to get the best out of our riders, equipment selection and race conditions.”

Swiss Side Co-Founder and CEO, Jean-Paul Ballard, added: “Team INEOS set the benchmark in both performance and methodology in professional cycling, understanding the level of technical detail required to remain one-step ahead of the competition. We share a strong synergy with Team INEOS. Like the team, we are passionately crazy about speed and we’re very much looking forward to contributing towards their performance strategy and helping assist them in saving time on race day where it matters.”