Swiss Side Stories: Badreddin Wais

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
April 19, 2021


From refugee to semi-professional cyclist

Badreddin Wais began cycling at the age of 14, in Syria. A promising talent, he was forced to flee the civil war in 2014. And while the bike took a backseat while he dealt with the turmoil of such challenging circumstances, Badreddin quickly found his feet and his wheels in Zurich, Switzerland. An all-round nice guy and one of our fastest Swiss Side ambassadors, he continues to inspire us with his dedication and positive attitude. We take a spin to ask him about his passion for cycling, his future goals and his favourite Swiss Side wheels.



Hi Badreddin! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

You started cycling at 14 in Syria. How did you get into the sport?

I found my way into cycling thanks to my two older brothers. They were both passionate cyclists and always came home with incredible stories about their experiences. I have also always been fascinated by speed, mountains and landscapes.


What do you think about when you’re cycling?

About beating my records!


What is your best memory on a bike?

I will certainly never forget the last 3km of the 2017 world champs in Bergen, Norway. I have never seen so many spectators and fans on the roadside.


What role did Tempo Sport in your cycling journey?

Tempo Sport has played, and still does, a massive role in my career. Thanks to them, I found a great team, made many new friends and am able to rely on their incredible support and the best equipment.


Mountains or cross winds, and why?

Most definitely mountains. They push me to the limit: uphill until my muscles burn, and then downhill I really enjoy the technical challenge and the speed.


What is your next cycling goal?

A top 20 at the world championships in Zurich and a qualification for the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris.


Do you think your life experiences made you stronger on the bike, or is it the bike that has allowed you to take on life’s challenges?

 Both. I believe that my experiences in life have given me a great fighting spirit and the ability to persevere. On the other hand, the bike has allowed me to escape when things got too much for me.


If you could pick one cycling race to participate in, which would it be and why?

Milano - San Remo, because it is the longest and most exciting road race.


What was the first thing Jean-Paul and the team optimised in the wind tunnel?

Bringing my arms closer together when riding.


Which Swiss Side wheels are you favourite and why?

The 800s, because they’re the fastest and most dynamics wheels I could wish for on my TT bike, and the 500s because they are the lightest and most stable.