Swiss Side Stories: Finn Borg

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
October 12, 2021

FINN BORG Serial Ironman


Hi Finn! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

We’ve heard you’ve done over 50 Ironmans… Is this correct and how did it all start?
Yes, I just finished my 55th Ironman in Hamburg a few weeks ago. It all started like Ironman started in Hawaii - with a lot of beer, some friends and a bet many years ago. Ironman/WTC had no race in Switzerland yet but the pioneer René Friedli put on a race in Zürich. If I remember correctly I participated in 1985 and chose the 2/3 distance with a regular (heavy) steel roadbike, no wetsuit, no changing tent but hot tea in T1/T2 … For my friends it was the first and last race, for me it was the beginning of a passion. In 1996 I participated in the Ironman predecessor Euroman. Since then I have participated in at least one ironman distance race every year, several 70.3 races and the Transswiss Triathlon (3.5/ 225/46 KM) twice.

Kona has been moved to May/October… are you going on holiday or making the most of your fitness to do another Ironman?
Time to (actively) relax and make new plans for 2022. I‘m signed up for IM Sweden and Hawaii (October) so far.

What is your best Ironman memory?
Ironman Switzerland 1998 when I unexpectedly qualified for Hawaii the first time and finishing in Hawaii that year after a long, painful day hand in hand with my two children (allowed at that time :-))

Have you ever tested your equipment and position in the windtunnel? If yes, what was the most important element Jean-Paul and the team optimised?
Yes, I had the opportunity to freeze in the windtunnel five years ago. But it was worth it. JP saved a whopping 22 watts for me by adjusting position (body and arm), a new helmet and speedsuit. The trick is to keep the position as long as possible in the race …

Which Swiss Side wheels are your favourite and why?

I am very happy with my HADRON² Ultimate 800 Disc Brake front and rear wheels. Compared to my previous tubular wheels my ride is much more stable, smooth and safer with the disc brakes. No problem with sidewinds. The tubeless tyres take some getting used to. Not easy to install.