posted by Brad Farmer
July 20, 2017

What is your favorite triathlon to participate in? Why?

Heidelberg Triathlon is one of my favorite races besides the legendary Ironman Hawaii. It‘s a small race but with a great atmosphere, great fans and a stunning race venue!

Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg


Music: Hip Hop (Nas Album 96) during training.

SwissSide, Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Canyon, Ibrakom, Berief, New Balance, sailfish, Ekoi, Fusion, Oakley

Your biggest accomplishments in triathlon:
3rd Ironman World Championship Kona 2016
Ironman North American Champion Texas 2016
6 Time German Champion

Swiss Side Patrick Lange

Favorite Training Setup: Depending on training session, but mainly but mainly Swiss Side Gotthard because of the excellent and fast braking performance in rain. Sometimes I use the HADRON 485.

Favorite Race Setup: HADRON Ultimate 800+ (Kona Setup!)

What is your goal for this season?
Improve my result of Ironman Hawaii 2016

What is your favorite non-triathlon activity or hobby?
Mountain biking and hiking.

What unique things do you do to physically prepare for a competition?
No special unique thing, just honest hard work and a lot of passion.

How do you mentally prepare just before starting a competition?
Thinking of good training sessions, trying to take it easy and go to the start line with a smile helps a lot.

How is Aerodynamics by Swiss Side effecting your performance in triathlon?
I couldn’t believe how much faster and stiffer these wheels are, compared to everything I rode before in my career. The sound of the Hadrons is incredible-as if they were screaming at you.. “GO FASTER!" There is no one with the same know-how as Swiss Side’s Jean-Paul. I was able to optimize my material/products a lot. I feel a lot more stable in the wind with the improved setup. I can stay in the aero position a lot longer. I do not get surprised when the wind suddenly hits me.

Is there anything you want to say or advice you want to give to your fans who might be reading this?
Thanks for reading this, see you soon and keep moving forward!


Photo: Thomas Stöckli