The Hub Factor

Mon, Sep 18, 17

For hubs, again minimising frontal area exposure is the key for lowering aerodynamic drag. The front hub is around 15% of the total drag of the front wheel, so minimising its size is the most important factor for front hub design. For this reason, you see a very small hub on the Swiss Side front wheels. A small hub does not impact the rim stiffness or bearing life if it’s engineered correctly. For the rear hub, aerodynamics doesn’t matter. Here stiffness, weight and most importantly, reliability, are the key factors.

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Drafting - how far is close enough?

Wed, Sep 06, 17

Is 10m offset enough to prevent unfair drafting in triathlon? Drafting is a topic of hot discussion in the triathlon world at the moment, particularly amongst the pros where the field is getting closer and closer together and every watt and every second counts! Triathlon is intended to be an individual’s race where there is no team support, no external help, just the athlete against themselves and the elements. In this respect, drafting another rider or any vehicle for that matter does not belong within the DNA of triathlon competition. In most professional and amateur triathlon races, the 10m rule...

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Project Kona 2016

Sun, Nov 20, 16

Check out this amazing video of Andreas Raelert and his new 2016 Kona bike! 

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Mon, Oct 05, 15

Just days ago, CUBE unveiled Andreas Raelerts Kona weapon, a new enhanced time trial bike frame, with aerodynamic optimization by Swiss Side. Now, with Swiss Side’s typical transparent approach, a rare look behind the scenes into the aerodynamic development process of Andy’s Kona aero package. The Swiss Side aerodynamics team has been working closely with the Raelert Brothers since early this season, with one clear goal: The absolute best possible aerodynamic performance for the 2015 Kona Ironman World Championship. To achieve this target, Swiss Side let loose their entire arsenal of aerodynamic tools on Andreas Raelert. As always, a unique Formula 1 derived...

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Wed, Jul 01, 15

As a part of the Instrumented Bike Project and their partnership with the Raelert Brothers, Swiss Side is taking CFD to new levels, never seen before, in the cycling industry. Andreas Raelert has been fully scanned and a complete CFD model is now part of their aerodynamic development arsenal. Swiss Side now releases images and a video showing the full ‘transient’ turbulent flow model of Andreas Raelert. This is another of Swiss Side’s highly advanced aerodynamic development tools aimed at helping the Raelert Brothers reach their goal of 2015 Ironman World Champions in Kona, Hawaii.  “Our Formula 1 derived CFD methods...

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CFD development for the Hadron Aero wheel line expansion.

Fri, Mar 06, 15

Following the success of the Hadron 625 development, Swiss Side has taken to expand their aero wheel line. The target was to develop additional models to maximize aerodynamic performance over the complete spectrum of wind conditions and rider requirements seen in the real world.  Although the rider is responsible for the majority of drag, it’s the wheel aerodynamics, in particular, the stability which can have the biggest influence on reducing the rider drag.  Since the rider is responsible for 75-80% of the total drag, producing aerodynamically stable wheels, that allow the rider to keep in the aero position for the...

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