Swiss Side AERO TIP - Choosing Rim Depth

Mon, Mar 12, 18

Swiss Side AERO TIP - Choosing Rim Depth Now Available! NEW HADRON Classic Aero Wheels Only €1498 Per Set - All Sizes Order Now: Swiss Side is number one in aerodynamics offering “Real World Performance” and the best quality at a fair price. NEW & IMPROVED Swiss Side HADRON Aero Wheels: +Increased Performance: Faster and More Stable+Improved Quality: Production by DT Swiss+Highest Quality Components by DT Swiss (Hubs and spokes, design in cooperation with Aerodynamics by Swiss Side) +Full Carbon Wheels available In 485, 625, 800 - Rim & Disc+One Flat Price - Mix & Match Your Ideal Set+Worldwide...

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Speed Sensor

Mon, Sep 25, 17

Don’t put your Garmin wireless speed sensor on your front hub! Quite often we notice that cyclists fit this sensor on their front hub. As we have often reported, the front hub is an important part of the aerodynamics of a wheel. Fitting the speed sensor unit to your front hub will cost you 1 Watt of performance! We recommend putting it on your rear hub where the impact is minimal.

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The Hub Factor

Mon, Sep 18, 17

For hubs, again minimising frontal area exposure is the key for lowering aerodynamic drag. The front hub is around 15% of the total drag of the front wheel, so minimising its size is the most important factor for front hub design. For this reason, you see a very small hub on the Swiss Side front wheels. A small hub does not impact the rim stiffness or bearing life if it’s engineered correctly. For the rear hub, aerodynamics doesn’t matter. Here stiffness, weight and most importantly, reliability, are the key factors.

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The Tyre Factor

Thu, Jun 15, 17

Swiss Side has spent a lot of time investigating tyre performance because this is extremely important.  Choosing a tyre which provides the best aerodynamic performance is a priority. Clinchers perform better than tubular tyres. The sidewall profiling on the tyre is actually very important due to a complex aeroydynamic effect called the “boundary layer transition.” According to our testing, the best aerodynamic tyre on the market right now is the Continental GP 4000s II 23c. The worst aerodynamic tyres are smooth with no sidewall tread. Clincher tubeless tyres offer lower rolling resistance than clincher tyres with tubes. This is important...

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The Most Important Aero Factor!

Wed, Jun 07, 17

In the end, the most important factor for performance in triathlon is rider drag. Therefore, choosing the correct rim profile depth for the conditions and the setup that provides the rider the most stable and confident configuration, especially in the wind, are the most important considerations.

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