THE NEXT STEP / 2018 Product Launch Video 1

Really exciting times at Swiss Side and for you our customers!

We are about to make the BIGGEST STEP in the history of Swiss Side, releasing a complete new wheel lineup based on all our experience and your feedback from the last years!

In the following video, hear from Swiss Side CEO and Co-Founder, Jean-Paul Ballard, about how our new wheel lineup is absolutely unmatched, with the best performance & quality at a fair and affordable price!


The Swiss Side wheel launch will be a public event and will take place on the 23rd February 2018 at the Triathlon Convention Europe in Langen, Germany. Everyone is invited to join the launch, which will kick-off at 6pm. If you cannot join us in person, tune in for our FACEBOOK LIVE coverage that evening. Alternatively come and see the new wheels at our booth at the show, which runs all weekend.

Leading up to the launch, we will release three short videos giving you an insight into what we’ve done to make the world’s fastest wheels, even faster and better quality. Hear also about our all-new European based production setup, after sales service offering and absolutely unbeatable valve for money.

We want to hear your thoughts and feedback! So please comment on our video, on social media or via email. We’ll include answers to your questions in our next videos.

Look out for the second video next week and we look forward to your comments!

To watch this video in German please click here. 


Posted by Fabienne Dirksen on

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  • Hi……I’m really looking forward to the new line up. For anyone looking at Swissside for the first time I currently have a set of Evo Francs, Gotthards, the original Hadron 625 and recently sold on a set of Matterhorn.They have been by far the best wheels I have ever had and if the customer service has always been brilliant, even replacing a wheel outside of warranty free of charge. If they have improved this even more then they will be unstoppable in the market. I’m currently building a disc road bike and looking forward to the price points for the new wheels. Good luck in the launch. Regards, Simon

    Simon Mills on

  • Hello I live in Canada and am looking for wheels that have alloy braking and some aero benefit and I am considering your 485 and or Dura Ace 9100. Can you tell me if you ship to Canada and how much it would cost me to buy from your new wheels. And what make these wheels better than Dura Ace (Alloy Carbon combo) Thanks in advance, Charles Rose.

    Charles Rose on

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