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Swiss Side and the recently released Hadron 625 wheel set, are featured in a 4-page article of this month’s (October) edition of TOUR Magazine. TOUR is a German publication, which is Europe’s “Number 1” magazine and one of the world’s most respected. TOUR was supplied with one of the first production sets of Hadron 625’s, which were then subjected to a rigorous testing program, including wind tunnel testing, to independently verify that the Hadron 625 is indeed the leading aero wheel set in its class.

To pick up the English version of Tour Magazine and the Swiss Side Hadron Aero Wheel “Throwing Down The Gauntlet” article, go to your mobile device application store and search Tour Int (or go to for more information). The article is in the 22.10.2014 issue.


TOUR tested using their independent testing protocol, along with their own equipment including reference bike frame and dynamic leg dummy. The test took place on the Airbus base in the south of Germany at the GST wind tunnel. Note that Swiss Side and TOUR magazine use this same wind tunnel for their testing purposes.
The target of the test was to compare Hadron 625 against the current leading aero wheel sets on the market, including Zipp 404 FC, Mavic CXR60 and one of the industry’s benchmark aero wheels, the Zipp 808. The test was conducted at the industry standard 45km/h and with crosswind angles through the range from –20 to +20 degrees.

As expected from Swiss Side’s ‘total transparency’ approach to publishing performance data, the Hadron 625 performance tested by TOUR, matched exactly the already published results from the extensively documented and published Swiss Side tests (see

The Hadron 625 is independently proven to be the leading
aero wheel in the 60mm depth category.

The top ‘Big Brand’ competitors against which the Hadron 625 was tested were Zipp 404 Firecrest and Mavic CXR60. Only the deeper (80mm) Zipp 808 is shown to offer a small 1.2% improvement in absolute drag numbers. (Note that the side force component of aero performance is not considered by the TOUR testing protocol, a point where the Hadron 625 has shown to offer a significant advantage over the Zipp 808).

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