In this month’s February edition of german’s top selling ‘Triathlon’ magazine, the Hadron 625 has been tested. Testing was conducted both in the wind tunnel as well as out on the road in order to get the objective aerodynamic performance figures, as well as to see how this performance transfers to the real world.

The conclusions… The Hadron 625 (62.5mm) is almost equal in performance to the deeper industry benchmark aero wheel set, the Zipp 808 (82mm). The road testing confirmed an adequate level of stiffness, good braking performance (thanks to aluminium braking surfaces) and very low cross-wind sensitivity.
Triathlon’s summary: As of now, high performance no long longer needs to be expensive. Highly recommended!

*Further independent endorsement of the Swiss Side Hadron 625’s unbeatable performance and value for money, by Germany’s leading Triathlon magazine.
Magazine in store now.

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