Aerodynamics expert discussion

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
November 05, 2018

Patrick Lange wins back to back at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, with his second course record in so many years, but this time the first ever to go under 8 hours (7:52:39). His ultra-fast bike split of 4:15 hours, on the Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheels, coupled with the subsequent marathon of 2 hours 41 minutes, made this historic sub-8 effort possible. The Swiss Side aerodynamics team, lead by Jean-Paul Ballard was also instrumental in developing the new Aero Cockpit for Patrick Lange. The handlebar area was chosen as the area of maximum potential for aero improvement and thus the focus of Project 101.

Learn all the details about Project 101.

For German speakers, watch the expert discussion with Jean-Paul Ballard and Arne Dyck: