Two podium finishes for the Raelert-Brothers

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
July 01, 2019

Michael Raelert takes second place at the Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon – Andreas Raelert establishes a clear win at the Schlosstriathlon Schwerin Chieming.


The Raelert-Brothers established a successful race weekend thanks to two podium finishes. While Michael Raelert took second place at the prestigious Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon, Andreas Raelert had a test competition in his home region at the traditional Schlosstriathlon Schwerin which he won clearly. In Chieming, the Austrian Thomas Steger prevailed over Michael Raelert in the Chiemsee Triathlon in 3:39:58 hours. Michael Raelert finished in 3:42:50 hours. Third place went to the local hero Julian Erhardt in 3:48:49 hours. Andreas Raelert won the official regional championship in Schwerin in 1:58:58 hours.

During the swim, both Raelert-Brothers took the lead in these races. In the Olympic-distance event in Schwerin, Andreas Raelert completed the 1.5 kilometer swim in 21:50 minutes. He managed the following 40-kilometer bike course in 54:33 minutes and added a 10-kilometer run in 37:54 minutes to take the win. "I wanted to have a taste of competition," he said later, "the Schlosstriathlon offered a good opportunity to reflect on my form and current training."

In Chieming, Michael Raelert was out front throughout the 2-kilometer swim portion which he finished in 25:43 minutes. He remained in the lead on the 80 kilometer long bike course and completed the course in 1:54:37 hours. Once on the run, the demanding weather conditions became a challenge then. "I suffered more and more during the run,” Michael Raelert said, “I could no longer keep up a consistent pace." He ran the final 20 kilometers in 1:19:42 hours. "Thomas showed a really good performance on the run and caught me," he said regarding the win of his Austrian colleague.


Photo Credit: Marcel Hilger