Michael Raelert celebrates a clear win in Nakhon Phanom

posted by Stacy Freund
December 17, 2019

Rostockian celebrates a clear win at the Olympic-distance competition in Nakhon Phanom – Time is now for a Christmas break after three competitions in a row

Nakhon Phanom. Michael Raelert celebrated the second victory within seven days during his competition and training camp in Thailand. The Rostockian won the Navy Triathlon in Nakhon Phanom, an Olympic-distance event held in the Northeast of Thailand. In 1:43:25 hours, Michael Raelert took a clear win in front of the New Zealander Mitchell Robins, who finished second in 1:52:05 hours. Australia’s Pierre Lafayeedney crossed the line in third place in 1:52:26 hours. "It was a nice thing to be able to push the pace throughout the whole race from the front," Michael Raelert said later, "this third race in a row just gave me a good taste of racing hard."

 Michael Raelert took the lead right at the start and didn’t look back at any time during the competition in Nakhon Phanom. "The swimming distance was definitely a little shorter than the expected 1.5 kilometers," he said after the opening discipline. Michael Raelert came out of the water in 15:45 minutes with a clear lead of almost 90 seconds. Once he had gained a solid lead in front of his chasers, he was in his own zone. In 53:29 minutes, Michael Raelert put the best bike performance by far onto the 40-kilometer course. "The pressure on the bike was there," he said later, and he was very pleased with a solid ground speed on the run. Michael Raelert managed the 10.5 kilometers of running in 34:10 minutes. “Even though I'm really looking forward to a Christmas break and New Year’s eve now, I would also like to hit another race”, Michael Raelert said. “The competitions in Thailand were fun."

Next year, the Raelert-Brothers want to attack a successful new season. After starting into the year 2020 in Germany, the brothers Andreas and Michael Raelert plan first training stays.

Photo Credit: Raelert Brothers