Thu, Jan 16, 14

One of the core parts of the Hadron wheel development process is the structural design and optimisation of the wheel assembly. As always, our goal at Swiss Side for the Hadron is to engineer an absolute top-level wheel set in its category and to bring it to the market at a price 40% below that of the leading brands. With the Swiss Side team’s wealth of experience from Formula 1 and the sports product design sectors, together with clever engineering choices, this has, once again, been made possible. In this update, we detail the methods used and the engineered choices...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimisation Based On Formula 1 Methods

Tue, Dec 17, 13

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Aerodynamic simulation in a computer. One of the major developments of the Hadron Aero wheel concept is a detailed aerodynamics optimisation study. Swiss Side’s goal is clear. To design an absolute top level performing aerodynamic wheel set in its category but as always, to bring it to the market at a price 40% less than the “Big Brands”. The first steps in this process are to simulate, understand and optimise the wheel profile shape using CFD. Wind tunnel tests will follow this. Jean-Paul Ballard, co-founder of Swiss Side, explains the reasons, pros, cons and tricks behind...

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