HADRON Ultimate 625 Test & Review (March 2019)

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
March 24, 2019

With the launch of the updated HADRON Ultimate wheel series, Swiss Side has taken "The Next Step”. Cykelmagasinet has tested whether we have also taken it to the next level. Here the summary:  

On the highway, it becomes clear that it is at high speed, in relatively flat terrain, that these wheels with 62.5 mm high rims excel.

+ Supplied with the DT Swiss 240 hub and new aero spokes, Swiss Side has allegedly found ½-1watt per wheel in the wind tunnel. It may not sound like a lot, but is quite a considerable amount of optimization of a very fast wheel set.

Swiss Side has produced a package that is extremely well suited for racing and fast training at the Danish latitudes.

+ The HADRON Ultimate 625 weighs 1621 grams, clearly in the lighter end of the spectrum, without being among the extreme lightweights.

The wise use of the material makes the wheel set nice and stiff.

+ All Swiss Sides wheels are also available in disc brake versions for the same price.

+ In normal side winds, the HADRON Ultimate 625 impressed us too. Only at a strong winds did things begin to get a bit uncomfortable. However, if you are a lighter rider you may consider the Ultimate 485 model, possibly just on the front wheel.

Swiss Side uses a completely flat price structure: for 1930 euro, you can combine front and rear wheels for the perfect combination.


Even though we regret that Swiss Side left the original idea of maximum aerodynamics at half price, Cykelmagasinet must acknowledge that Swiss Side with the HADRON Ultimate has manufactured a lightweight, stiff and fast wheel set, perfectly suited to Danish terrain. A wheel set that in all respects is in line with the more expensive competitors.

Read the full Review in the recent issue of Cykelmagasinet. 

Source: Cykelmagasinet (March 2019)