Racefietsblog test: Swiss Side Heidi Wheel Set (racefietsblog.nl, 5-Nov-2014)

The Heidi is a wonderful set of wheels on the field but also with bumps is very fine. Forgiving if you accidentally take a threshold or hole in the asphalt full. When the weight you do not think necessarily a klimwielset but down is again very tasty. The wheels roll fine and if you hear that the RRP € 334, -, then it is still a very good price / quality ratio. The looks are obviously personal, but the distinctive white and red spokes is a good choice for many bikes. The stickers were less liked. Are you looking for a low wheel and you do not have much budget, then I would definitely consider this Heidi wheels of Swiss Side. You go there in any case, no regret.
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Posted by George Cant on

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